Monday, March 7, 2016


The Europeans are engaged in a rather typical hand-wringing exercise over migration from war zones which were caused by the American Bush-Cheney opportunistic invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Destabilizing Iraq and Afghanistan has thrown the entire Middle East and the Muslim-indoctrinated world into chaos. Why?

Islam throughout most Muslim cultures has an integral philosophy of territorial domination. Perhaps this stems from the religion's roots in a culture which survived on oases in deserts. Lose control over your oasis and you will die of thirst. Perhaps the founders of Islam saw an opportunity to expand their territories to places with more water and grassland for grazing. Whatever the reasons, disrupting territory dominated by Islam is like smacking a wasp's nest with a stick. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. 

Europe is paying the price for its collusion with the U.S. in its idiotic invasions. Now we see an older American public, the same yahoos who cheered on Bush-Cheney after 9-11-2001, cheering Donald Trump because he pledges to defend them from the consequences of their previous folly. 

The meddling of Russia, Europe and the U.S. in Middle Eastern affairs since WWII and earlier was bound to bear the human misery present in the region. The alliance between the U.S., Europe and Saudi Arabia has been a collusion with tyrannous evil for money, oil and convenience. Russia's collusion with Iran as part of residual Cold War politics has encouraged that theocracy's covert evil in the Middle East. 

Within predominantly Muslim nations, intellectuals have cynically pretended that they subscribed to a religion of brutal patriarchal dogma. They have allowed themselves to be cowed into silence by politicians who have used Islam as a weapon to dominate (not educate) the uneducated masses, which long ago exceeded the numbers which are sustainable in their environments. 

European and American politicians who voice permissive sighs in response to the current invasion of civilized nations by aggressive and desperate migrants (not refugees) are most likely motivated by guilt. However, their attempts to assuage their own guilt at the expense of their own indigenous populations is just as unethical as their previous support for unjust wars and brutal regimes. It is time for those indigenous populations of Europe and elsewhere to rationally voice their opposition to bad government. In the U.S., this is taking the form of self-defeating cheers for Donald Trump and tentative support for the more intelligent Bernie Sanders over corrupted Hillary Clinton.

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