Tuesday, March 29, 2016


I have been a bit of an old fart lately. I have been out of touch with trends on YouTube and Twitter, which can be more informative in some ways than news sites. Yes, I watch Russia Today and Sky News occasionally. I generally stay clear of American news media because it is crap. If I want the pronouncements of our global masters, I listen to BBC. It is less offensive with British accents somehow. If I thought I could manage it, I'd probably take up French to broaden the reporting I sample. My French friends are probably laughing now if they are reading this.  

My eyes look at the world through these compound lenses. I am a retired psychiatric and hospice nurse. I am an old gay-lib soldier from the early 1970's. I am an AIDS survivor (32 years). I am a cancer survivor (13 years). I have even managed to avoid deep masochism after 15 years of Roman Catholic education. I consider myself an atheist. My partner of 13 years and I live quietly and contentedly, despite the shit storm of the world around us. But we are also grouchy old men if our exteriors are scratched. We've both lived full lives for two working-class blokes. 

My eyes have been opened to the great cultural debate of our time. It is not about economics, as I have been conditioned to believe by the corporately dominated media. The great cultural debate of our time is the same debate which fanned the flames the American Revolution, initially an economic revolt here in my hometown of Boston. The British tried to squash free speech in the American colonies. That speech, best represented by Franklin, Paine and Adams, swayed prosperous farmers to turn their backs on the assurances of The Crown in favor of making their own way on a rough frontier of European civilization. I am not saying the American Experiment has been flawless by any means. 

The pivot of free speech, largely planted in the path of the 2016 Presidential elections here in the U.S. by Donald Trump, has twirled the Left-Right political dichotomy into healthy chaos which may well spread to Europe. So, you thought it was the Syrian migrant crisis, right? I don't think so. While the fumbled Merkel approach to illegal migration contributed to the real on-the-ground chaos, a donnybrook has arisen as the dominant Liberal oppression of free speech has tried to squelch the expression of valid objections to mass migration. And in the U.S., the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has brought to a bubbling surface the absurdity of our growing victim culture which tries to shut up free speech and rational opinion with bullying cat calls and smeared red faces of Caucasian feminists, obsessed with both rape and police brutality. 

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, our gentler and kinder politicians, have been chastised for responding to these BLM operatives by saying, "All lives matter." Yes, people saying that all lives matter are hissed at and booed. That's how bad it is. Religious fanatic, Ted Cruz, who has previously waged verbal jihad against gay rights, whimpers and whines when Donald Trump calls him out. This has gained Cruz heterosexual sympathy from all quarters. A nexus of troglodyte males and amazon feminists. All chanting "foul" over a silly superficial jest.

"America the Traumatized" may become our new national anthem. Here in my city of Boston, the annual exploitation of the Marathon Bombing threatens to become an institutional validation of victim culture, as the annual memorials of 9-11 once did in Manhattan, before the cultural center of New York City moved to hipster Brooklyn. The fact is, we are becoming America the Stupid. Our media of all varieties have been co-opted by the same globalist powers which led Saint Angela to encourage the hordes to invade Europe. "Divide and conquer." has morphed to "Divide and censor.".

The door to free speech in electronic free media is creaking shut slowly. A perusal of YouTube channels after typing "free speech" in the search field will still yield some stimulating and informative results with viewpoints from many perspectives. How long this will last in a culture which prefers to say "Shut up." rather than "Tell me more." remains to be seen. When that creaking door shuts, our fate as free-thinking citizens may well be sealed.  

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