Thursday, March 3, 2016


I am naming the followers of Donald Trump "Trumpets". I am not one of them. I am not a follower of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. I strive never to follow any politician. They all leave too much steaming bullshit in their wake.

If Hillary Clinton is nominated as presidential candidate by her Center-Right party, I will most likely abstain from voting. I cannot in good conscience vote for an under-medicated bipolar rich man for the office. However, I will not despair if the Trumpets succeed in crowning Trump. 

The way I see it, Bernie Sanders has drawn a new border at the southern line of Massachusetts to the Canadian border. Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts may well be like current Europe to fleeing Syrians. America's Left-leaning intellectuals and educated workers who prefer to support socialism with public funds might flee our way. We may have to post friendly national guardsmen at our borders to usher them in ... for a fee. 

The brown-shirted Trumpets may well defeat ISIS/Daesh. It may take a terrorist to know one well enough to defeat him. And, once the Trumpets are done with The Heartland of the U.S., it may well look like Europe after WWII or the imminent WWIII. So be it. That's what America's rigged political system is all about: The rich conning the 99% to vote against their own best interests. Praise Jesus, or Allah, or Yahweh, or The Minotaur. Whatever floats your (refugee) boat. 

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