Friday, April 8, 2016


Pope Francis was hired by the cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church to be an ad man. That's all. He is not a saint. He is not touched by a supreme being. He is in public relations. That's it.

Francis' job is tough. I will grant him that. I suppose that is why the Vatican called in a Jesuit, the heavy lifters of intellectualism in Catholicism. They are cynical masters of double-speak. I should know; I studied under them for seven years.

The Vatican is rapidly losing relevance in the world. Churches may be active in Philippines, Latin America and Africa, but those venues don't yield high dollar incomes. Add to this the rapid rise of radical Islam in the same areas where the Catholics are trying to expand. I don't think a financial adviser would suggest heavy investment in Roman Catholicism for long term yields.  

Catholicism is now being grouped in intelligent discourse worldwide through on line media with other forms of fundamentalist religions. The problems of poverty and overpopulation can be traced to the misogynist dogma of all fundamentalist religion. Societies which are freed from this nonsense are prospering through the education and liberation of their women. So much so that millions are trying to invade those societies from the societies where religions hold power. 

Looking at Pope Francis as Tony Robbins in a white dress is not insulting. It is realistic. He is selling a lifestyle which has no relevance to modern progressive thought. Having many children, committing to a single lifelong sexual relationship, looking at equal human beings as morally unequal on the basis of their genetics...these ideas are archaic and insulting to an educated mind in 2016. 

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