Monday, April 25, 2016


The feminine wiles are at play. I know them all too well as a man who worked in a profession dominated by a majority of women. Women make lousy debaters. They can be aggressive, even violent, but when push comes to shove with men in contention, they will inevitably revert to whining as a last-ditch method of defense of their position.

Let's face it honestly, fellow Leftists, Hillary has been shamed by Bernie Sanders on the big issues that divide Left and Right in politics. Her stance, squarely in the middle, has made her vulnerable to ample criticism from both quarters, but more from the Left, simply because the Democrat Left has been oppressed since 1992 first by Centrists like Bill Clinton and then by the Right, which used typical dirty tricks to win elections in 2000 and 2004. Centrist Obama came roaring in like a lion and will leave like a lamb of bland compromise. We voted for change and got spare change on major issues like fiance reform, foreign policy and health care.

I don't hate Hillary Clinton. In fact, she reminds me of many women with whom I have shared nursing jobs. She is a hard pragmatist who moved from middle class to celebrity class through hard work alongside her con-man husband. Couldn't have been easy. I've read her post-First-Lady autobiography. I think I get where she is coming from. It is where she is, and where she seems to be going, that trouble me.

I hated her choice to laud a man like Henry Kissinger. I hate her association with lords of high finance in New York. I hate her apparent coziness with the Koch brothers. I hated her performance as Secretary of State, an expensive million-air-mile photo op with heads of state which accomplished little other than furthering her public image. I hate her reluctance to release the content (promises?) of speeches to finance executives. I hate her cashing in on the Black vote provenance of Bill Clinton, despite offering little in policy projections to actually solve Black crime and poverty. I hate her hair style.

I think all this whining in media by women that Hillary is hated by Leftist men because of some irrational or subconscious misogyny is insulting to women as well as men. Absurd notion. Hillary is being held to a Presidential election standard of criticism and scrutiny. In fact, I believe she has received more sensitive treatment than she deserves given her lack of truly progressive agenda. She is running on a mediocre platform which will most likely yield less change than Obama's more progressive one. This will not win votes to change the complexion of the Congress in 2018. Hence even less will get done. But Hillary will have secured her place in history as The First. 

Hillary may well blame misogyny for her failures if elected, as many Obama supporters blame racism for his. The truth is that private misogyny or racism motivates few real people in the real world when it comes to their economic and political fortunes. Each of those concepts in 2016 is a phantom blamed by those who simply cannot manage their roles adequately under the real circumstances of life. So, to those howling Valkyries who would take up the spears of feminism to promote or defend Hillary Clinton simply on the basis of her vagina, I would say, "Grow up."

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