Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Merkel 2.0

Hillary feigns laughter after Angela remarks that nobody seems to know they are zombies.

Hillary Clinton plans to become Merkel 2.0. It looks like she will succeed on the backs of bourgeois baby-boomer women who like her "look" and corrupt Black ministers/politicians who swore their fealty to hubby Bill, mafia don of the Center-Left-Kinda-Right. Like Merkel 1.0, Hillary Clinton is a slave of the IMF and Wall Street. Perhaps even a zombie or the victim of some kind of body-snatching. You can see the glimmer of her resident evil whenever she gets what she wants, like when she won the New York primary. Her voice drops low and takes on the cadence of a truck driver after a successful bar fight. 

What's the harm in letting aggressive bourgeois women have their goddess in The White House? Well, if you are happy with the socio-economics of the current world, no harm at all. If you like war, poverty and exploitation of migrants for financial and political gain, no harm at all. If you think people like Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Netanyahu and the King of Saudi Arabia are really nice guys, no harm at all. If you think that ignoring the outrage of Americans over illegal immigration and environmental degradation is OK, no harm at all. If you think that college students should still be cash-cows to be milked by college administrators, banks and the government, no harm at all. If you think that Obamacare is really the best universal health coverage Americans deserve, no harm at all.

Angela Merkel, like Hillary, will always do well for herself. She'll speak for high fees to the elites of the world. She'll be offered high-pay jobs. She'll most likely have a nice government pension as well. She won't have to wait in a clinic for health care with hundred of migrants. She won't have to live in a slum with them either. Her next jobs won't be impacted by competition for resources by dissonant minorities. She, like Hillary, will always be able to laugh the laugh of the IMF-Wall-Street zombie. And, bourgeois women will laugh along with them until the next revolution.  

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