Monday, May 30, 2016


Trump and his Trumpets are chanting "USA,USA,USA!" He speaks of making America great again. America's greatness can best be measured by its great failure to develop into a huge Switzerland: Neutral, evenly educated, highly democratic, multicultural in functionality, self-sustaining and pacifist. Instead, it is descending into an extension of Latin America without the socialism.

How could America become great? I have five fundamental ideas:

1. First, America could get out of the war and religious ignorance businesses entirely. Rather than producing war aircraft, lethal drones and archaic gun weaponry in the name of gods, America could develop the world's most stunning internal and external infrastructure for mobility of people and goods. It could develop green infrastructure materials for domestic use and export. It could flourish on engineering and innovation.

2. Want to attract immigrants? America could be great at attracting and supporting the smartest youngsters in the world. By tearing down and nationalizing its elitist higher-education (Ivy League) system, America could set up an amazing meritocracy system open to the world's best minds, not just open to the lesser minds of the world's aristocrats. In a smaller way, this has worked very well in Great Britain. 

3. Want to export? Rather than exporting strife and weapons, let's export doctors, nurses and scientists. If we make education our leading industry and deconstruct all the barriers erected to keep medical providers and scientists rich, we could produce a domestic surplus of doctors and specialists in all fields of innovation and inquiry. Rather than exporting parasitic rich kids who go abroad to drink, do drugs and spray graffiti, we could export Americans who actually help the less fortunate rather than exploiting them for non-profit tax status or YouTube channels.

4. Want to support feminism? Educate young women to be something other than bullies and victims. Discourage them from trying to become the new heterosexual male who can also have children. Support female compassion and sensitivity. Support reproductive and sexual intelligence through sex education, affordable contraception and readily accessible abortion. Teach women to be human, intelligent, sexually free and also free of rigidly prescribed pathways to monogamous marriage and motherhood.  Rather than teaching women defensiveness and anger (rape-culture propaganda), teach them martial arts, freedom from alcohol/drug addiction, proper nutrition and a true sense of responsible equality in relation to men. Hell, the Soviets did a better job at this than Americans ever have.

5. Want homeland security? Pull down the current foreigner-obsessed military establishment. Stop playing 18th century European power games with the whole world. Dump nuclear weapons unilaterally. After all, why would an enemy nuke the U.S. if it wants what is here for the taking? If we open our education system wide to the international brightest and best, what would be in the interest of any other nation to close us down? Bring our troops home. Get rid of the TSA at airports and re-train our reduced military personnel to be truly happy warriors at our own borders in aircraft, ships and armored land vehicles. Make America first on their minds. Let them guard harbors and deserts here at home. Don't colonize. Civilize!

Saturday, May 28, 2016


Less Putin than Rasputin. The mad monk who is often credited in history for sparking the Russian Revolution over a century ago seemed to have resurrected today as Vladimir Putin climbed Mount Athos in Greece in the company of Russian and Greek Orthodox patriarchs, most notably Krill, the vicious persecutor of LGBT people in Russia. Imagining Putin as a good Christian would require something beyond suspension of disbelief. Perhaps psychotic delusion.

I am not just Putin-trashing here. I will leave that to American and European propagandists in major media outlets. While I do believe that Putin is masterfully Machiavellian, I do not believe he has embraced Christian values. His Greece visit is simply another poke in the eye of Europe and NATO for its support of Ukrainian independence. As a regular viewer of Russian propagandist media, I see their turn away from schoolyard taunting to sophisticated table-turning. Putin is being portrayed as a rational pacifist against Euro-American aggression. If you buy that, I have a 16-yr-old Toyota 'classic' I'll sell you for $1 million. 

More evidence that the global resurgence of religiosity is poison to human evolution toward peaceful coexistence on an ecologically thriving planet. 

Monday, May 23, 2016


Today's news flash from Vietnam: President Obama announces new weapons sales deals and profits for America's corporate militarists. 

There isn't much to say about this. It is frank evidence that the man who was elected and applauded in 2008 has not changed the game. The man given the Nobel Peace Prize on the promise of peace has not delivered peace. In fact, he is promoting future wars in Asia. The New World Order is the Old World Order. And Obama is simply its flashiest salesman. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016


RMS Lusitania, sinking in 1915 after a submarine attack. 

Perhaps the richest extended family in the world is the Rothschild banking family. They made large international profits during the Napoleonic Wars by lending gold to nations fighting each other. When Napoleon escaped his first banishment, the Rothschilds, who had branches of their family in several major capitals of Europe, hoarded all the gold they could purchase. They anticipated another round of Napoleonic Wars. They were disappointed...yes, disappointed...when Wellington was aided by Prussian troops and squashed Napoleon at Waterloo. 

This abrupt end to war left them with gold which was rapidly losing value, since the demand for it to equip military might had vanished into peace. What did they do? They began using the gold to buy British bonds. They bought and bought these bonds. This created a rush on the British bond market which led to its rapid inflation. The Rothschilds sold high and dumped their bonds on a market which then collapsed. This is now the basic methodology of raiders of stock markets worldwide. One report estimates the net profit of the Rothschilds from that one killer deal as 600 million British pounds in today's money.

However, this didn't stop the Rothschilds from stoking the furnaces of future wars. The Franco-Prussian War and WWI were Rothschild money-makers. And, notably, the Jewish Rothschilds survived The Holocaust of WWII quite well. The Rothschilds continue to shape and attempt to control world finance. 

Wars are not all about national pride and honor. Wars are business. Only the poor, who furnish the nationalist canon fodder of wars, believe in such patriotic nonsense. Even our holy Revolutionary War and the French Revolution were motivated by economic incentives among the bourgeoisie of America and France. They mobilized the mobs to fight the good fight with patriotic claptrap in order to climb to the position of pseudo-egalitarian aristocracy. Perhaps this is the kind of populist 'revolution' offered by both Trump and Clinton, both militarist hawks.

Why haven't we intervened in Syria? The simple answer is that it would not pay. Saudi Arabians, the puppet masters of the Syrian revolution, are our economic partners in capitalist world crime. They are with us 100% when it comes to destroying the world's climate and remaining immune from international criminal courts. Rich Saudi's come to the U.S. and Britain to live like civilized human beings while treating their poorer masses at home to floggings, hangings, crucifixions and decapitations. They decry "Islamophobia" in expensive ad campaigns and by twisting the arms of corporate media executives. Just like the American militarists, they are great at spin. "Thank you for your service!", the placebo slogan given to those who get crazed and/or dismembered to defend American aristocrats' economic superiority. 

There have been many acknowledgments since 2014 of WWI, a century past. Yet the Rothschilds and their ilk still rule The West and have succeeded in polluting most other nations in the world with their capitalism of violence, overpopulation and climate destruction. 

Monday, May 16, 2016


Ms. Franco and Neurosurgeon.

You may have recently seen the hype concerning the old woman in Florida who regained her sight after neurosurgery. She had been blind for 23 years. This is a coincidental 'miracle' for me since I just wrote a post yesterday on Anti-Science as it appeared in two mainstream films. Perhaps the heavens bestowed this fodder for my blog. I am unconvinced. You see, I have survived medical screw-ups, and I know those who have fared worse after doctors screwed up and denied it.  

The woman in question, Mary Ann Franco, reports that she completely lost her vision after a severe car accident led to spinal surgery which resulted in a blinding stroke during surgery, so she was told, in 1993. A recent fall led to a new surgery on her upper spine which resulted in the so-called miracle. But, as her neurosurgeon explained, the previous blindness 'may have' been corrected during the recent surgery by alleviating spinal bone pressure from an artery leading to the optic nerve. 

The religious Ms. Franco proclaims a miracle. The surgeon, seen in an NBC video, seems nervous and non-committal. Well, why wouldn't he be? Is it not probable that the assumed stroke in 1993 wasn't a stroke (transitory blood clot) at all? Duh? It seems more likely that there was no stroke. The reason for her blindness was very probably surgical error, due either to technical limitations or surgical ineptitude in 1993.   

I don't begrudge Ms. Franco her fame or her exuberance. She served her time as a blind person with guts. She led a full life after she went blind. Brava. Frankly, I think she should be compensated by her previous surgeons and physicians for not finding this practical cure earlier. 

I am disturbed at the evil in the medical establishment and corporate media which would collude in promoting the excuse for her surgically based blindness which was a documented outcome of her 1993 surgery. Doctors are supposed to be scientists first in treating, evaluating and informing their patients. Watching Ms. Franco's surgeon cover his ass and the asses of those involved in the 1993 surgery in national media is disturbing but not surprising. It is a common betrayal of what is ethical and scientific. The true miracle is that Ms. Franco's blind trust in her 1993 surgeons has kept them from being sued. 

Sunday, May 15, 2016


There is a movement afoot in media to undermine scientific advancement. It may be sinister. It may simply be human nature to exploit a counterpoint to get attention. Trump has become the expert in that field of exploitation. 

I am on about this after watching two films yesterday evening. Patrick (2013) is a cheesy adolescent horror story from our Australian cousins. The Giver is a Hollywood-insider offering heavily influenced by Jeff Bridges, The Big Lebowski (1998) himself. Both films illustrate a societal turning away from intelligent suspension of belief to bad anti-scientific (perhaps intellectually lazy) writing.

The Aussie film is another slam at psychiatrists and medical researchers. Charles Dance of Game of Thrones fame embraces his evolving role as the new aging Christopher Lee, a master at being both villainous and droll. The film itself borders on entertaining camp at times, but generally its intent seems to trash hospitals, nurses, doctors and medical care in general. The rehashed Frankenstein theme is enhanced with a monster in the form of semi-naked and recumbent Jackson Gallagher, a renowned TV hottie in Oz. Even if I were to acknowledge that the target audience for this film was intended to be pre-pubescent boys and girls, I would still have to say that its science was more appropriate to Mary Shelley's era.

The Giver (2014) was more insulting to my intelligence, since it has an air of self-justification. Jeff Bridges made his early career with two sci-fi films: Tron (1982) and Starman (1984). He was in his thirties. I don't think Bridges ever fully developed his potential as an actor or as a Hollywood aristocrat, by any means. However, he is a money magnet if he can draw the likes of Meryl Streep into a project like this one. 

The Giver is a post-apocalyptic thriller, part of a genre I find interesting from a social-psychology perspective. Unlike the zombie herds of this genre, this film seemed initially to approach the future of Western societies with some thought. I could accept that a post-apocalyptic society would still bathe and avoid cannibalism as a protein alternative. I could accept that an obsessively controlling Utopianism might surface as a reaction to decimating climate change and/or warfare. 

I could not accept The Giver's anti-scientific and illogical lapses. It quickly descends from a beautifully conceived Utopian future to a futuristic Land of Stupid, thereby bringing us right back to our present. Superstitious mysticism and destructive human behaviors, placed in boxes in this imagined future though technology and conditioning, become forbidden fruit, yearned for by The Giver and dangled by him with a tinge of seduction in front of a naive apprentice. Rather than developing a future Utopia governed by overly strict reason in conjunction with current science, the writers developed a mindless future from 1950's anti-Soviet propaganda. 

The concept behind The Giver was not at all impeded by scientific knowledge. It is a rather indirect propaganda piece about political correctness, feminism, pacifism and right-to-life issues of the current era. So it fails miserably both as science fiction and teen movie. Both films imply so much about our current time. We live in a civilization that squanders tens of millions of dollars and countless hours of technical expertise in studios to produce anti-scientific crap. Perhaps this is a function of those with wealth in media trying to justify their existence as elites. Perhaps it is simply a cynical attempt to appeal to the lowest common denominator for profit. In either case, it is a pathetic comment on our time.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This is a new one. I listened to a radio interview this morning with a Republican politician from Nebraska. You know ... corn stalks, flat, depressed, overweight, religious, guns, dented pickup trucks. 

This gentleman used a new term, perhaps coined by a mind that is either too slow to consult a dictionary or aspiring to a job writing TV commercials. The term is "social conservation". Now, he was talking about something that sounded just like social conservatism. Social conservatism is a euphemism for redneck resistance to universal human rights, usually reinforced with a gun barrel, a burned cross, and/or a white hooded outfit. 

The gentleman on the radio pitched Nebraska as a home of "social conservation". He fleshed this out with a description of the all-American nuclear (or nuke-you-lar in Bush speak) family. You know, gingham dresses (only on the females), coveralls and straw hats. Church on Sunday. Lots of red meat on the grill. Sex with farm animals and first cousins, optional.

So, please do not confuse "social conservation" with plain old "conservation", a concept associated with President Theodore Roosevelt and other grizzly bears. 

Monday, May 9, 2016


The Connecticut State Police are training dogs to sniff out computer hardware such as USB drives, DVDs, and memory cards. These protectors of public morality present this expensive exercise as a defense against child pornography and pedophilia. It's about child protection, so they say. I speculate it's likely something else entirely. 

The squashing of protest in the streets of the U.S. by militarized police is a fact. European cities have nearly daily protest marches for human rights issues, migration issues on both sides, labor issues, etc.. Even illegal migrants have held marches and demonstrations in parts of E.U. and its neighboring countries. It is commonplace. Here in the U.S. protests are squelched in cities before they happen by police controlling the process through ordinances regarding permits. A window-smashing riot is the only way to overcome this resistance, as protesters in Ferguson, MO, discovered.

Since the failure of the U.S. Federal police (FBI) to reach overseas to grab Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, the American government has been focusing on monitoring and squashing internet dissent as well. The case of Apple's resistance to iPhone hacking by the Feds brought this to light. Authorities are pushing for more and more control of public and private communication. 

Fascists and other totalitarians always use the sanctity of motherhood and children as a cover for their evil deeds. They usually invoke the approval of some god to justify their actions as well. Now, they are using cute dogs to cover for their real agenda: Control of information technology. 

To believe there are enough pedophiles in a wealthy, educated U.S. state like Connecticut to justify designating and financing its state police hours to train sniffer dogs to find technology equipment in private homes as part of investigations is like subscribing to the current mythology on college campuses that rape there is on the same level as rape in Third-World war zones. It's nuts.

There is a darker agenda here, as there usually is when military, spies or police start planning better ways to invade homes for private information. What better way to clothe that agenda than in the furry form of a friendly Labrador retriever? After all, dog ownership in America is at an all-time high. A dog-crazy society is even more likely to look at this effort as benign. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I recently watched a panel try to open a discussion about political correctness on the campus of University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The YouTube video (above) displays a disturbing phenomenon on college campuses. In fact, in the UK, discussions by a panel like this one have actually been banned by university administrators as "hate speech". Our First Amendment discourages that kind of official fascist censorship at present. The screaming fanatics in this audience, however, are intent on enforcing a code of silence against anyone who dares to speak against the current victim culture being promoted by elements on college campuses. This is truly fascist behavior in its purest form. The irony is that it is coming from those who perceive themselves as Liberals or,(even the more deluded) as Leftists. 

Many millennials comprise a generation without a cause. I am not talking about the people who attend Bernie Sanders rallies. In fact, Sanders has also been subjected to this kind of fascist harassment on his campaign trail. I am talking about spoiled children who perceive the demand that they grow up and behave as responsible adults as an attack. These are members of a second coddled bourgeois generation in the U.S.. They are more likely to be from the 1% than the 99%.

I believe they are simply angry at being outed as privileged. I believe they are adopting a kind of cultural camouflage. By projecting their anger at the presenters they scream at as "racist", "sexist", "triggering" and "micro-aggressive", they are projecting a fog of disguise around their own failure to adapt to the real world. In other words, they are throwing public tantrums in universities which have adopted an irrationally permissive stance toward them. They have been made too "safe" throughout their lives. 

As a psychiatric nurse with experience in residential settings for the mentally ill, I am extremely well acquainted with these cases of retarded social and psychological development. Twenty-five years ago, they were still being treated for their dysfunction. However, over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has bought out the psychiatric establishment in collusion with the health insurance industry. You see, by selling lots of pills and making lots of profits, the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in convincing people that there is no need for individual personal development. Take a pill. The health insurance industry has also won big time. They have saved billions by no longer having to pay for psychiatric care. And, most policies don't even cover the cost of medications. Life coaches are now seen on equal footing with people who have studied for eight years to become qualified psychotherapists. 

The results are quite evident. I am not talking just about the homeless guy on your doorstep or next to you on the bus. I am talking about thousands, perhaps millions in the U.S., of mentally disturbed middle class and upper class children who have been dosed with psychiatric pills from childhood. Pills like Ritalin and antidepressants are given to children regularly to "deal" with antisocial or dysfunctional behaviors. And, due to the dominance of the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry in collusion with government, no readily available comparative studies are done to compare the efficacy of this approach to the historical approach of special education, behavioral treatment and psychotherapy. This data could deflate the cash cow's utters.

So, when I see crowds of college students acting like demented banshees over utter nonsense or trying to shut up the more intelligent and rational, I see the result of the demise of proper psychiatric treatment in our society. I see the same when I read the endless stories of mass shootings, road rage, home invasions, texting while driving and suicides. A society may decide to live on pills, but a civilization may very well die by them. No "safe space" will ever exist for someone whose inner space is torn by mental illness and/or immaturity.