Saturday, May 28, 2016


Less Putin than Rasputin. The mad monk who is often credited in history for sparking the Russian Revolution over a century ago seemed to have resurrected today as Vladimir Putin climbed Mount Athos in Greece in the company of Russian and Greek Orthodox patriarchs, most notably Krill, the vicious persecutor of LGBT people in Russia. Imagining Putin as a good Christian would require something beyond suspension of disbelief. Perhaps psychotic delusion.

I am not just Putin-trashing here. I will leave that to American and European propagandists in major media outlets. While I do believe that Putin is masterfully Machiavellian, I do not believe he has embraced Christian values. His Greece visit is simply another poke in the eye of Europe and NATO for its support of Ukrainian independence. As a regular viewer of Russian propagandist media, I see their turn away from schoolyard taunting to sophisticated table-turning. Putin is being portrayed as a rational pacifist against Euro-American aggression. If you buy that, I have a 16-yr-old Toyota 'classic' I'll sell you for $1 million. 

More evidence that the global resurgence of religiosity is poison to human evolution toward peaceful coexistence on an ecologically thriving planet. 

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