Monday, May 30, 2016


Trump and his Trumpets are chanting "USA,USA,USA!" He speaks of making America great again. America's greatness can best be measured by its great failure to develop into a huge Switzerland: Neutral, evenly educated, highly democratic, multicultural in functionality, self-sustaining and pacifist. Instead, it is descending into an extension of Latin America without the socialism.

How could America become great? I have five fundamental ideas:

1. First, America could get out of the war and religious ignorance businesses entirely. Rather than producing war aircraft, lethal drones and archaic gun weaponry in the name of gods, America could develop the world's most stunning internal and external infrastructure for mobility of people and goods. It could develop green infrastructure materials for domestic use and export. It could flourish on engineering and innovation.

2. Want to attract immigrants? America could be great at attracting and supporting the smartest youngsters in the world. By tearing down and nationalizing its elitist higher-education (Ivy League) system, America could set up an amazing meritocracy system open to the world's best minds, not just open to the lesser minds of the world's aristocrats. In a smaller way, this has worked very well in Great Britain. 

3. Want to export? Rather than exporting strife and weapons, let's export doctors, nurses and scientists. If we make education our leading industry and deconstruct all the barriers erected to keep medical providers and scientists rich, we could produce a domestic surplus of doctors and specialists in all fields of innovation and inquiry. Rather than exporting parasitic rich kids who go abroad to drink, do drugs and spray graffiti, we could export Americans who actually help the less fortunate rather than exploiting them for non-profit tax status or YouTube channels.

4. Want to support feminism? Educate young women to be something other than bullies and victims. Discourage them from trying to become the new heterosexual male who can also have children. Support female compassion and sensitivity. Support reproductive and sexual intelligence through sex education, affordable contraception and readily accessible abortion. Teach women to be human, intelligent, sexually free and also free of rigidly prescribed pathways to monogamous marriage and motherhood.  Rather than teaching women defensiveness and anger (rape-culture propaganda), teach them martial arts, freedom from alcohol/drug addiction, proper nutrition and a true sense of responsible equality in relation to men. Hell, the Soviets did a better job at this than Americans ever have.

5. Want homeland security? Pull down the current foreigner-obsessed military establishment. Stop playing 18th century European power games with the whole world. Dump nuclear weapons unilaterally. After all, why would an enemy nuke the U.S. if it wants what is here for the taking? If we open our education system wide to the international brightest and best, what would be in the interest of any other nation to close us down? Bring our troops home. Get rid of the TSA at airports and re-train our reduced military personnel to be truly happy warriors at our own borders in aircraft, ships and armored land vehicles. Make America first on their minds. Let them guard harbors and deserts here at home. Don't colonize. Civilize!

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