Saturday, May 21, 2016


RMS Lusitania, sinking in 1915 after a submarine attack. 

Perhaps the richest extended family in the world is the Rothschild banking family. They made large international profits during the Napoleonic Wars by lending gold to nations fighting each other. When Napoleon escaped his first banishment, the Rothschilds, who had branches of their family in several major capitals of Europe, hoarded all the gold they could purchase. They anticipated another round of Napoleonic Wars. They were disappointed...yes, disappointed...when Wellington was aided by Prussian troops and squashed Napoleon at Waterloo. 

This abrupt end to war left them with gold which was rapidly losing value, since the demand for it to equip military might had vanished into peace. What did they do? They began using the gold to buy British bonds. They bought and bought these bonds. This created a rush on the British bond market which led to its rapid inflation. The Rothschilds sold high and dumped their bonds on a market which then collapsed. This is now the basic methodology of raiders of stock markets worldwide. One report estimates the net profit of the Rothschilds from that one killer deal as 600 million British pounds in today's money.

However, this didn't stop the Rothschilds from stoking the furnaces of future wars. The Franco-Prussian War and WWI were Rothschild money-makers. And, notably, the Jewish Rothschilds survived The Holocaust of WWII quite well. The Rothschilds continue to shape and attempt to control world finance. 

Wars are not all about national pride and honor. Wars are business. Only the poor, who furnish the nationalist canon fodder of wars, believe in such patriotic nonsense. Even our holy Revolutionary War and the French Revolution were motivated by economic incentives among the bourgeoisie of America and France. They mobilized the mobs to fight the good fight with patriotic claptrap in order to climb to the position of pseudo-egalitarian aristocracy. Perhaps this is the kind of populist 'revolution' offered by both Trump and Clinton, both militarist hawks.

Why haven't we intervened in Syria? The simple answer is that it would not pay. Saudi Arabians, the puppet masters of the Syrian revolution, are our economic partners in capitalist world crime. They are with us 100% when it comes to destroying the world's climate and remaining immune from international criminal courts. Rich Saudi's come to the U.S. and Britain to live like civilized human beings while treating their poorer masses at home to floggings, hangings, crucifixions and decapitations. They decry "Islamophobia" in expensive ad campaigns and by twisting the arms of corporate media executives. Just like the American militarists, they are great at spin. "Thank you for your service!", the placebo slogan given to those who get crazed and/or dismembered to defend American aristocrats' economic superiority. 

There have been many acknowledgments since 2014 of WWI, a century past. Yet the Rothschilds and their ilk still rule The West and have succeeded in polluting most other nations in the world with their capitalism of violence, overpopulation and climate destruction. 

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