Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I recently watched a panel try to open a discussion about political correctness on the campus of University of Massachusetts at Amherst. The YouTube video (above) displays a disturbing phenomenon on college campuses. In fact, in the UK, discussions by a panel like this one have actually been banned by university administrators as "hate speech". Our First Amendment discourages that kind of official fascist censorship at present. The screaming fanatics in this audience, however, are intent on enforcing a code of silence against anyone who dares to speak against the current victim culture being promoted by elements on college campuses. This is truly fascist behavior in its purest form. The irony is that it is coming from those who perceive themselves as Liberals or,(even the more deluded) as Leftists. 

Many millennials comprise a generation without a cause. I am not talking about the people who attend Bernie Sanders rallies. In fact, Sanders has also been subjected to this kind of fascist harassment on his campaign trail. I am talking about spoiled children who perceive the demand that they grow up and behave as responsible adults as an attack. These are members of a second coddled bourgeois generation in the U.S.. They are more likely to be from the 1% than the 99%.

I believe they are simply angry at being outed as privileged. I believe they are adopting a kind of cultural camouflage. By projecting their anger at the presenters they scream at as "racist", "sexist", "triggering" and "micro-aggressive", they are projecting a fog of disguise around their own failure to adapt to the real world. In other words, they are throwing public tantrums in universities which have adopted an irrationally permissive stance toward them. They have been made too "safe" throughout their lives. 

As a psychiatric nurse with experience in residential settings for the mentally ill, I am extremely well acquainted with these cases of retarded social and psychological development. Twenty-five years ago, they were still being treated for their dysfunction. However, over the past two decades, the pharmaceutical industry has bought out the psychiatric establishment in collusion with the health insurance industry. You see, by selling lots of pills and making lots of profits, the pharmaceutical industry has succeeded in convincing people that there is no need for individual personal development. Take a pill. The health insurance industry has also won big time. They have saved billions by no longer having to pay for psychiatric care. And, most policies don't even cover the cost of medications. Life coaches are now seen on equal footing with people who have studied for eight years to become qualified psychotherapists. 

The results are quite evident. I am not talking just about the homeless guy on your doorstep or next to you on the bus. I am talking about thousands, perhaps millions in the U.S., of mentally disturbed middle class and upper class children who have been dosed with psychiatric pills from childhood. Pills like Ritalin and antidepressants are given to children regularly to "deal" with antisocial or dysfunctional behaviors. And, due to the dominance of the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry in collusion with government, no readily available comparative studies are done to compare the efficacy of this approach to the historical approach of special education, behavioral treatment and psychotherapy. This data could deflate the cash cow's utters.

So, when I see crowds of college students acting like demented banshees over utter nonsense or trying to shut up the more intelligent and rational, I see the result of the demise of proper psychiatric treatment in our society. I see the same when I read the endless stories of mass shootings, road rage, home invasions, texting while driving and suicides. A society may decide to live on pills, but a civilization may very well die by them. No "safe space" will ever exist for someone whose inner space is torn by mental illness and/or immaturity. 

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