Monday, May 9, 2016


The Connecticut State Police are training dogs to sniff out computer hardware such as USB drives, DVDs, and memory cards. These protectors of public morality present this expensive exercise as a defense against child pornography and pedophilia. It's about child protection, so they say. I speculate it's likely something else entirely. 

The squashing of protest in the streets of the U.S. by militarized police is a fact. European cities have nearly daily protest marches for human rights issues, migration issues on both sides, labor issues, etc.. Even illegal migrants have held marches and demonstrations in parts of E.U. and its neighboring countries. It is commonplace. Here in the U.S. protests are squelched in cities before they happen by police controlling the process through ordinances regarding permits. A window-smashing riot is the only way to overcome this resistance, as protesters in Ferguson, MO, discovered.

Since the failure of the U.S. Federal police (FBI) to reach overseas to grab Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, the American government has been focusing on monitoring and squashing internet dissent as well. The case of Apple's resistance to iPhone hacking by the Feds brought this to light. Authorities are pushing for more and more control of public and private communication. 

Fascists and other totalitarians always use the sanctity of motherhood and children as a cover for their evil deeds. They usually invoke the approval of some god to justify their actions as well. Now, they are using cute dogs to cover for their real agenda: Control of information technology. 

To believe there are enough pedophiles in a wealthy, educated U.S. state like Connecticut to justify designating and financing its state police hours to train sniffer dogs to find technology equipment in private homes as part of investigations is like subscribing to the current mythology on college campuses that rape there is on the same level as rape in Third-World war zones. It's nuts.

There is a darker agenda here, as there usually is when military, spies or police start planning better ways to invade homes for private information. What better way to clothe that agenda than in the furry form of a friendly Labrador retriever? After all, dog ownership in America is at an all-time high. A dog-crazy society is even more likely to look at this effort as benign. 

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