Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was not surprised when Elizabeth Warren refused to support the one viable social-justice candidate for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders. After all, she is a U.S. Senator from my state. Her election headquarters for that job were located in the same drab office complex which housed my gym. I saw the Warren brigades come and go. They were white and bourgeois to their bones. The bourgeoisie are good at one thing: Working any system for their own wealth.

So, watching Elizabeth Warren whore for Hillary Clinton at estrogen-fueled rallies, totally comparable to Trump's testosterone-fueled rallies, does not surprise me at all. Hillary Clinton, an obvious beard for Wall Street's sleaziest, represents the power which Warren railed against to get into the headlines after the 2008 financial grand larceny by banks and brokerages. Warren became the Mother Theresa of the Occupy movement and other neo-feminist groups. Well, Mother Theresa, the real one, had dirty hemlines from walking the streets of Calcutta. We are now seeing the grime on Warren's polished couture.

Being a politician should be an automatic disqualification for aspiring saints. The Vatican does not believe this, of course. Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul were both consummate politicians in their own ways. Pope Francis is nothing if not a politician. His recent proclamation from his private jet about Catholic homophobia is a good example. He had just flown away from lauding Armenia, one of the most homophobic Christian countries on the planet. Busted.

American gullibility has built the fortunes of the corporate power which Elizabeth Warren pretends to critique. Hillary Clinton, a mock socialist like Obama and her husband, is at least a more honest operative for Wall Street. She would most likely admit that Wall Street has made her and husband Bill the billionaires they are today. Wall Street helped to elevate her political career from jilted First Lady to Senator from New York. Her daughter's husband is a Wall Street insider. Her friends in Manhattan include corporate Republican power brokers. 

Trump or Clinton, the American public will get the President they deserve, as they did with George W. Bush. As they rush to their own cultural decline in a haze of alcohol and drug abuse, Americans don't have time to think about what will come next. Climate change? Who cares? Overpopulation? Not my problem. War? Gang violence? Gun crime? Sorry, the size of Kim Kardashian's ass is much more important. 

Saturday, June 25, 2016


False advertising?

Eight years ago, young Americans and many sympathizers in Europe cheered Barack Obama's campaign slogan of "Change". Well, he won two historic elections on that promise, which was not fulfilled in very significant ways. But it was a nice thought. Now the BBC is awash with whining young Brits, mostly from urban elite and/or non-British roots, who are complaining about a significant change, voted for by a majority of their countrymen. 

Cheer up. Change, a difficult commodity to come by in politics as usual, has its benefits. The same young globalists who screamed for mass migration from Asia Minor into Europe, a major change if there is one, are now miserable about the vote to leave the EU behind in significant ways. Why's that? Well, from what I can gather from the voices I hear, the class in Britain who can afford to travel and live in London, one of the world's most expensive cities, have a deeply vested interest in the politics and money in Brussels. Most Britons do not. 

Criticizing the Leave supporters as old fuddy-duddies who have their heads up their arses seems consistent with a growing attitude of the younger generations as lifespans increase and overpopulation from the bottom also increases. Dealing with this reality from a rational and scientific point of view is, of course, verboten due to religious and cultural conditioning. This explains why old people wear the mantle of cultural tradition like armor. Visions of being euthanized or thrown off a cliff naturally come to mind when you can no longer walk up a flight of stairs without hurting.

But the UK's vote, primarily English and Welsh, to detach from Brussels is motivated by more complex issues. Older people and poorer people are more vulnerable. They overwhelmingly supported leaving. Why? Because they know that the expensive bureaucracy of Brussels was more friendly to bourgeois and wealthy Brits than to them. They have seen the evidence in their daily lives as they look up from the bottom of the economic ladder. The changes they have suffered at the hands of EU globalists have not be pleasant or positive.

The British landscape in smaller urban areas and countryside has been changed drastically by immigration and EU economic policies. Immigrants are over 13% of the UK population (as of 2014). Over three quarters of a million (790,000) native Poles now live in UK. Nearly three million Muslims now live in UK, mostly in England, which voted most overwhelmingly to leave the EU. These Muslim immigrants have appropriated large areas of smaller British cities and have formed ethnic ghettos, some of which are no-go areas even for the police. This isn't Islamophobia. This is fact. EU farm and fishing regulations have gutted whole non-urban communities without providing alternatives. Some change is good for those who have resources and flexibility. Top-down change for those who have no resources or flexibility feels like tyranny. 

A binding national referendum on the scale of Brexit is unimaginable here in the U.S.A. with its false republican plutocracy. The Brexit referendum was true democracy at work. Those who are whining about the result now are simply not democratic in spirit. It is not coincidental that they are largely the better off members of society. They would bow to the bureaucrats in Brussels to tell them how to remain at the top of the burgeoning global human population. They would bow to leaders like Angela Merkel who unilaterally and autonomously opened Europe to illegal mass migration. I am very pleased for their countrymen that they did not win the Brexit referendum. 

Friday, June 24, 2016


Now that the UK voters have rejected corruption and obese bureaucracy in Brussels, (Yes, I have watched hours of intelligent documentaries from both sides of the argument). I have to congratulate the majority on their victory. The fact that the English people overcame the resistance of Scotland and Northern Ireland in an impressive majority stands as evidence that the EU had not been satisfying their needs in the areas of immigration, trade and cultural integrity. I do acknowledge that the EU is now stuck with a common language of a country which has voted to leave it. A twist of fate which seems to indicate that the EU may have missed some nuances of the culture from which that language evolved. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Shortly before my mother's death at age 91, she and I had an enlightening conversation in her home. She had recited her usual litany of all the stresses in her life and all the challenges she experienced as a daughter, a sister, a wife and a mother. She was the adult child of an abusive alcoholic father and codependent mother, both poor immigrants. Her younger sister had died decades before of cancer. Her brother had also died decades earlier. My father had died eight years earlier. 

My mother's account of her life, if heard by a novice, would seem to be about how she had been a victim of people and circumstances. Everything she recounted seemed to have happened to her exclusively. No context. No reflection on how she handled the stress and disappointments. A novice might think she absorbed all the misery like a serene Buddhist nun. Nothing could have been farther from her actual behavior. 

She was a relatively tall and physically strong person. She had physically evicted her blacksmith father from her parents' home after a particularly violent drunken assault when my mother was in her early adult years. Her father never returned. My mother's mother always lived with us. She paid for her bad taste in husband for decades. My mother's reminders of her father's uselessness and abuse stung my grandmother almost daily. The arguments were relentless and violent throughout most of their remaining years together. 

My mother's younger sister, whom my mother helped raise due to their age difference, lived across the street from us with my uncle and my two cousins. My aunt took the initiative to come across the street almost daily to visit. She sat at our kitchen table nervously as my mother reviewed her accounts of my aunt's daily life. My mother was also quick to offer marital advice, child-rearing tips and housekeeping recommendations. My aunt absorbed all this with unquestioning devotion. She was a gentle soul, who eventually took to secretively drinking herself unconscious in her basement laundry room. 

My first cousin, a boy my age, confided to me years later that he often came home from school and found her there. He would then quietly clean her up, get her coffee and straighten up the house without anyone knowing. I wondered then how much my mother's well-meaning domination had contributed to this. My cousin has since died alone in poverty and chosen isolation as a dysfunctional alcoholic. 

My father was a career policeman. He climbed through the ranks from beat cop to FBI liaison to his city's force. He was a popular and friendly man who was known throughout our small city. He had worked with child protection, anti-gang initiatives, homicides, civil defense. Community leaders were always trying to convince him to get into election politics. He always declined. He was too honest, too sober, too optimistic. My father knew himself. He absorbed my mother's rages, arguments with her mother and her frequent hysteric panics with Zen-like resignation most of the time. I can still see him seated in his favorite easy chair with a newspaper opened in front of his face, like a fire wall. My older brother wisely sprouted wings early. He was hardly ever home once he reached his teen years when I was still in primary school. 

So, after my mother finished her familiar litany on that day shortly before she died, I said. "I know. You weren't alone. I was there for sixty-one years of that story. It wasn't very pleasant." She looked at me as though I had slapped her. "What do you mean?" she said. I laughed. I answered."It wasn't really all about you." 

Thursday, June 16, 2016


That number, 104,669, is the number of individual views of The Practical Humanist's 1400+ essays. I just noticed it today. Hadn't really looked at my blog's statistics. Isn't what I'm about, so I digress. 

I heard a brief segment of an NPR (National Pre-Pubescent Radio) program this morning. It was all about the scamming of the pharmaceutical industry. Their focus was on the bumper crop of gullible people convinced that they are depressed by MD's who have been cajoled or bribed by drug reps. They stated that approximately 25% of America are on or have been on prescribed anti-depressants. That is one quarter of the population, for those of you who were taught the new math.

Imagine. One in four are or have been clinically depressed. This is, of course, total bullshit. Actual clinical depression isn't feeling blue. It is a crippling disease. 

The presenters admirably went on to expose the list of multiple side effects of these pills. They pointed out that one third of each drug ad, frequently shown on daytime TV to the unemployed and indigent, contains a sales pitch. The other two thirds of the ad, in seconds, are devoted to reading a list of potential side effects. This sort of ass-covering prevents the poison-pushers from being sued, you see. One of the less startling side effects of anti-depressants is... (drum roll) ... weight gain.

Now, consider that over one third of Americans are clinically obese. A majority of Americans are overweight. Ding, ding. You see, one way to convince people that an anti-depressant is working wonders is a healthy appetite. Unfortunately, if you tailor a drug to enhance the appetite of someone who is not actually depressed but is sedentary, bingo. You get fat people. So, then you give an obese person anti-depressants because they are feeling down about being fat-shamed. A profiteering wet dream. Is this a monster created by MD's? Only by way of collusion. It is actually a monster co-created by biochemists and ad agencies, neither of whom have taken the Hippocratic Oath

You might think I am some tofu-hugging anti-drug natural-food weirdo. I'm not. I actually provide pharmaceutical giants with thousands of dollars per year in profits. I take about 20 pills a day, every day. I have lived with HIV since 1984. I also survived a pernicious cancer fourteen years ago, and the side effects from the treatments for that cancer have required me to take more medication. But I do not take anti-depressants for feeling blue. I am blue, but who wouldn't be with that medical history? I deal with my down moments in other ways, like exercise, a good diet, avoiding weight gain, not drinking alcohol, not smoking marijuana, maintaining the few healthy relationships I have, avoiding unhealthy relationships like the plague. Luckily, I do not suffer from a major mental illness, for which some medications are entirely appropriate and currently underutilized, in my professional opinion.  

None of this has anything to do with 104,669 page views, you see. In general, I write as a form of reflection and expression. It makes me feel better usually, unless I am writing about massacres or corrupt politicians. But, I suppose, the anger they arouse in me is also healthy. I believe the powerful who run things know that there are too many of us humans who aren't part of their vision of an ideal world. They walk a tight rope between controlling us quietly with fear, mistrust, politics, whatever, and controlling us too forcefully. I believe the written word, written and read by intelligent people, is an antidote to their poisonous manipulations of human civilization. I also believe that pills are one of their weapons when used to repress human feelings of dissatisfaction. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Despite the attempts of corporate media outlets to drag out "gay Muslims" following the massacre of LGBT people in Orlando, Florida, on June 12, 2016 in an apparent attempt to absolve Muslims from responsibility for supporting a lethal xenophobic ideology, I assert my argument that there are no gay Muslims. They are fictional beings, like demons and unicorns. 

I do not deny that some sexually active human beings consider themselves gay, even though they are not. These individuals may or may not even be homosexual. Many come from gender-segregated cultures, which appear homosexual in nature, but are actually simply steeped in deep misogyny and sexual repression. The shooter in Orlando has been labelled "gay" in some media stories, but no truly gay man would have performed his atrocity on other LGBT people. Having homosexual feelings does not make you gay. 

Being gay implies a degree of self-development and identity formation that purges the homosexual mind of the poison of religious indoctrination and/or cultural repression of sexual enjoyment for its own sake. 

How did I come up with this concept? Well, I was born into an indoctrinating identity-polluting religion, Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholics of my childhood (1950's) brainwashed children into believing that moral sexuality is exclusively heterosexual in the context of a breeding marriage between a man and a woman. Children of my generation were also brainwashed into believing we were physically branded by baptism for life and into an imagined afterlife. In other words, our entire beings were said to be intrinsically and irreversibly Roman Catholic. The parallels to Nazi indoctrination concerning Arianism are obvious. 

Today, young people repeatedly refer to themselves as Muslim in the same way we were indoctrinated to refer to ourselves as Roman Catholic. Unlike being Jewish, which is indeed an intentional racial identity outside the ideology of religious Judaism, Muslims bear no distinct racial identity outside the religion's ideology. In other words, nobody is born a Muslim. One is indoctrinated into identifying as one from infancy to the point that the religion merges with the physical identity in the brainwashed mind.

My childhood Roman Catholic mind control was a cancer, a mental disease intentionally imposed on my naturally homosexual being by adults. At the time in The West, the public perception was that my natural homosexuality was a disease to be eliminated by indoctrination, even electroshock or imprisonment.  Psychology and psychiatry were still relatively undeveloped in this area. However, there is no excuse in today's Information Age for a literate homosexual adult to remain ignorantly indoctrinated. Voluntary indoctrination, childish dependence upon familial or cultural origins and self-imprisonment by ideology are all voluntary adult choices, not states of victimhood.  

The Roman Catholic cancer of my childhood tortured me throughout my adolescence. I was diseased, not by my natural and exhilarating attraction to other boys, but by the poison which had been forced into my mind by priests, nuns, parents and relations. I grew to detest my perfectly normal body. I became introverted and isolated. I became suicidal after the accidental deaths of two male peers toward whom I had strong attractions. In college, I drank excessively under the weight of my self-induced pain and ignorant loneliness.

That changed in 1970. That year I began to become a gay man, not a self-loathing homosexual. I met a gay man who had emerged from his own identity cocoon. He was a marvelous butterfly. I fell in love with him on sight. He was patient and compassionate. Over the next five years, he helped me discover my true self within our relationship. Perhaps he saved my life. 

I became active within the Gay Liberation movement. Rather than bemoaning my Catholic parents' violent and total rejection of me because of my homosexuality, I got to work on my own life. I grew up. I started with no money and a relatively impractical education. By opening myself to other liberated men, I was able to get the psychological and educational support I needed to become a productive and contributing member of society.

I became a registered nurse by salvaging what I could from a formal education I had chosen to please my Catholic parents. I insisted on being an openly gay nursing student, one of very few in the U.S. at the time. I was challenged by homophobic teachers, patients and peers, but I persevered. I did it for myself and for those homosexual people who would follow me. I write this now for frightened homosexual people, some who think they are irreversibly Catholic or Mormon or Muslim. I continued to be vocally gay in job interviews. I was denied employment. I eventually worked throughout my career with homosexual, gay and non-gay patients in mental health services and eventually in AIDS hospice services at the height of that epidemic. 

I am barely homosexual now. I am 66 years old and minimally sexual due to physical ailments. However, I will be a gay man until I die ... by choice. Yes. That is a choice for some of us as homosexuals. If you consider yourself Catholic or Muslim or Mormon, I do not intend to offend you. I intend to educate you. The choices are yours, whether you believe them to be or not. You can choose to deny yourself a happy sexuality for your entire life. But that is not a healthy choice. Catholic priests and boy-abusing Taliban and an Orlando murderer are just some of the plentiful evidence to support that fact of human psychology. Make the healthy choice for yourself. Find the courage to live that choice, or seek the help you need to make that choice.

Monday, June 13, 2016


From the hundreds of thousands of aggressive Muslim men being coaxed into the EU without any democratic approval by Europeans themselves to the intentional negligence of the FBI who interviewed the mass murderer of gay bar patrons in Orlando, FL three times prior to the massacre, the universal backlash against the validation of LGBT as human and equal by governments is obvious to me as an openly gay man of 66 years of age. There are Muslim countries with which the US has diplomatic relations where LGBT people can be legally massacred for simply being who they are. So, I do not exempt the US government from collusion in lethal homophobia. 

Gay marriage is window-dressing. It is largely the agenda of wealthy LGBT people who have assets to protect or income taxes to reduce. Gay marriage is more of an accommodation to heterosexuals than to homosexuals. It is a method devised by political gay activists of a sort who have determined a course of assimilation to achieve basic recognition in law of LGBT equality. It has been a successful strategy within its limitations. You can pass all the laws you wish but laws do not really change hearts and minds. The African-American experience in the US since 1863 is evidence in support of that assertion.

The apex of economic power in the world is still populated overwhelmingly by heterosexuals, many of them Catholic/Christian and Muslim. The Bilderberg Group, which has just met in secrecy in Dresden, Germany, is a group of financial and political elite of The West. This group is populated in part by heterosexuals, primarily men, with hereditary roots in the Hapsburg Holy Roman Empire. Their meeting this year was attended by the likes of Peter Thiel, a tech financier who co-founded PayPal and was an early investor in Facebook. One of Thiel's most telling quotes:  “Most importantly, I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” (source:Wikipedia). Thiel is a German and a Christian.

Homophobia, like racism, runs throughout human society all over the planet. Many cultures have evolved into a rather comfortable nonviolent homophobia. Mediterranean cultures in Europe have developed a winking duplicity in sexuality, which includes social attitudes toward homosexuals. In Asian cultures, it is common for people to simply believe there are no homosexuals. This comes perhaps from an entrenched philosophy of detachment from the most personal business of others outside one's own family group. However, religiosity, and those who have been promoting it globally for the past three decades, uses homophobia as a motivator. Religion feeds hatred in the form of pointing fingers at "the evil ones". Religions sell absolution and an afterlife. One sure ticket is hating homosexuals. 

LGBT people who feel that homophobia has been extinguished anywhere in the world are living in denial. I understand the desire to do so, but it is very dangerous for the individual and for all people who are perceived as different. At the very least, each of us must make an effort to be visible and active in our closest communities wherever being different is relatively safe. We owe this to those who live daily under the threat of violence and death. And we owe it to ourselves, because it is the only way to keep whatever gains we have made. 

Saturday, June 11, 2016


The American electorate have now handed the Presidential election of 2016 to the two political parties, owned and operated by Wall Street and the international bankers. The election is decided. Wall Street and its corporate chess players will rule here in the U.S. for at least another four years, as they have done for the past 36 years, since the jovial puppet, Ronald Reagan, was enthroned by the followers of Ayn Rand.

The Democrat Party has now silenced its most vigorous critic of the financial junta. Elizabeth Warren has been forced to support her female comrade, Hillary Clinton, in the face of Donald Trump's lunacy. Bernie Sanders will be duly punished after the election. He will be cast into some political wilderness for speaking the unspeakable in the U.S.: Social democracy. It remains to be seen whether he can keep a third-way momentum going after the Democrat Convention. 

The financial junta has relied on dividing the sexes in this election in order to conquer. As race and ethnicity become less powerful divisive forces in the country, gender still remains as an effective wedge issue to confound truly unified political resistance to the junta's control of the government through election money, the Federal Reserve and lobbying the corruptible. And they have paid big money to bright minds in advertising and political science to accomplish this. 

As long as material success is the measure of personal value in the world, the financial juntas will rule. They will build their genetic aristocracies again. And those genetic aristocracies will kill, starve and enslave those who do not cooperate. This is human history. This is current human reality, as can be seen around the globe to those with eyes opened. 

Sunday, June 5, 2016


The human brain's frontal lobe is a blessing and a curse. This brings me to the human propensity for dualism. Right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, the human brain is comfortable with opposites. It is, therefore, prone to blind opposition. 

I recently joked with a Polish neighbor about my genetic background. I told him that my mother's father was a Lithuanian Pole. Her mother was from Belarus. It was a marriage of constant "Da. Nyet". One would say "yes", and the other would immediately say "no"... about everything from adding salt into a stew to the color of paint for a kitchen. Gray was never an option. 

The regressive nature of progressive politics in the U.S. today is founded on duality. Blacks are always good. Whites are always bad. Criminals are always victims. Cops are always oppressors. Women are always correct. Men are always misinformed. There is little wonder why those who see blurred lines and shades of gray are looking at Mr. Trump as an alternative to Ms. Clinton. Mr. Trump may be a demagogue and an ethical weasel, but he hasn't genuflected to an altar of politically correct dualism, prescribed by corporate media in the interests of their corporate owners. Perhaps the disgruntled press corp, slaves to corporate empires, have somewhat intentionally given Trump his shot at the White House with so much free publicity.

My own experience of oppressive dualism comes from being raised in the U.S. of the 1950's. My childhood was colored in pink or blue, feminine or masculine. The men of my father's age were all shell-shocked from WWII and the Great Depression before that. They weren't really Tom Brokaw's touted Greatest Generation at all. They were indoctrinated victims of militarist capitalism. The women of that generation were traumatized by the Great Depression and liberated by WWII through the manipulations of Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband. The first major breakthrough for working women occurred during WWII. Hence, the women were indoctrinated into "war is good" thinking as well. 

When the Catholic Imperialist Vietnam War occurred, my generation of boys were enthusiastically encouraged by our parents to go get killed in rice paddies. Why? Because war was "good", and pacifism was "bad". We boys had been raised with the strict male-female duality for a reason: To further U.S. capitalist and militarist objectives. 

When my generation revolted against this dualism, the powerful adjusted their strategy. Armies became peace-keeping forces. The military draft was ended. The foreseeable down-sizing of blue-collar demand and the ascendancy of feminism would provide volunteer male canon-fodder from the 1980's into our era. In fact, the academic reinforcement of male castration by dominatrix feminists today feeds that system. Lower achieving males who are desperate for work provide a large reserve of potential soldiers and reactionary rioters. 

Here lies the danger of dualism. Dualism is a tool of mass distraction, as George Orwell described beautifully in his novel, 1984

By convincing young women that all men are potential rapists, they can be prevented from forming the kind of asexual political and social relationships which could overthrow the powerful. 

By convincing Blacks that they are de facto deprived no matter how they behave or what they choose to do with their lives, they are prevented from pursuing economic and social equality through educational and vocational competition with other groups. 

By convincing LGBT people that being equal requires subscribing to heterosexual norms of monogamous marriage and child-rearing, they are deprived of their actual homosexual identities and made powerless as a group in society.

By convincing transgender people that they must be subjected to the most tortuous and brutal medical and surgical procedures to outwardly pass the discernment of "normal" people, they are prevented from truly expressing creative androgyny. 

Dualism is entrenched in societies through religious prescriptions of right and wrong. Civil law codes diverge from religious absolutes in evolved societies. There is a distinction between first-degree murder and manslaughter in self-defense, for an extreme example. A female shoplifter in menopause is dealt with differently than a professional car thief. However, our political structures do not reflect this evolution. They have regressed to more dualism rather than less. Multiparty democracies are always being pushed toward two-party systems. Two-party systems run the risk of being pushed to totalitarian or military Fascism.

Paper or plastic? This concrete dualism of regular shopping in the U.S. has yielded to rational environmentalism. A third way, the canvas shopping tote, and a fourth way, recycled paper bags, and a fifth way, recycled plastic bags, have made the environmentally sensible transition fairly easy. But this innovation requires first discarding the old duality. Stretching the human frontal lobe's capacity beyond dualism while still maintaining ethical standards of social behavior is a great challenge as the world becomes overpopulated by human beings and environmentally degraded as a direct result. The powerful will rely on dualism to maintain their control and comforts. Livable and peaceful solutions for the vast majority of human beings will have to come from within that majority, peacefully unified in action against the elite, or these solutions will not come at all.