Saturday, June 25, 2016


False advertising?

Eight years ago, young Americans and many sympathizers in Europe cheered Barack Obama's campaign slogan of "Change". Well, he won two historic elections on that promise, which was not fulfilled in very significant ways. But it was a nice thought. Now the BBC is awash with whining young Brits, mostly from urban elite and/or non-British roots, who are complaining about a significant change, voted for by a majority of their countrymen. 

Cheer up. Change, a difficult commodity to come by in politics as usual, has its benefits. The same young globalists who screamed for mass migration from Asia Minor into Europe, a major change if there is one, are now miserable about the vote to leave the EU behind in significant ways. Why's that? Well, from what I can gather from the voices I hear, the class in Britain who can afford to travel and live in London, one of the world's most expensive cities, have a deeply vested interest in the politics and money in Brussels. Most Britons do not. 

Criticizing the Leave supporters as old fuddy-duddies who have their heads up their arses seems consistent with a growing attitude of the younger generations as lifespans increase and overpopulation from the bottom also increases. Dealing with this reality from a rational and scientific point of view is, of course, verboten due to religious and cultural conditioning. This explains why old people wear the mantle of cultural tradition like armor. Visions of being euthanized or thrown off a cliff naturally come to mind when you can no longer walk up a flight of stairs without hurting.

But the UK's vote, primarily English and Welsh, to detach from Brussels is motivated by more complex issues. Older people and poorer people are more vulnerable. They overwhelmingly supported leaving. Why? Because they know that the expensive bureaucracy of Brussels was more friendly to bourgeois and wealthy Brits than to them. They have seen the evidence in their daily lives as they look up from the bottom of the economic ladder. The changes they have suffered at the hands of EU globalists have not be pleasant or positive.

The British landscape in smaller urban areas and countryside has been changed drastically by immigration and EU economic policies. Immigrants are over 13% of the UK population (as of 2014). Over three quarters of a million (790,000) native Poles now live in UK. Nearly three million Muslims now live in UK, mostly in England, which voted most overwhelmingly to leave the EU. These Muslim immigrants have appropriated large areas of smaller British cities and have formed ethnic ghettos, some of which are no-go areas even for the police. This isn't Islamophobia. This is fact. EU farm and fishing regulations have gutted whole non-urban communities without providing alternatives. Some change is good for those who have resources and flexibility. Top-down change for those who have no resources or flexibility feels like tyranny. 

A binding national referendum on the scale of Brexit is unimaginable here in the U.S.A. with its false republican plutocracy. The Brexit referendum was true democracy at work. Those who are whining about the result now are simply not democratic in spirit. It is not coincidental that they are largely the better off members of society. They would bow to the bureaucrats in Brussels to tell them how to remain at the top of the burgeoning global human population. They would bow to leaders like Angela Merkel who unilaterally and autonomously opened Europe to illegal mass migration. I am very pleased for their countrymen that they did not win the Brexit referendum. 

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