Tuesday, June 28, 2016


I was not surprised when Elizabeth Warren refused to support the one viable social-justice candidate for President of the United States, Bernie Sanders. After all, she is a U.S. Senator from my state. Her election headquarters for that job were located in the same drab office complex which housed my gym. I saw the Warren brigades come and go. They were white and bourgeois to their bones. The bourgeoisie are good at one thing: Working any system for their own wealth.

So, watching Elizabeth Warren whore for Hillary Clinton at estrogen-fueled rallies, totally comparable to Trump's testosterone-fueled rallies, does not surprise me at all. Hillary Clinton, an obvious beard for Wall Street's sleaziest, represents the power which Warren railed against to get into the headlines after the 2008 financial grand larceny by banks and brokerages. Warren became the Mother Theresa of the Occupy movement and other neo-feminist groups. Well, Mother Theresa, the real one, had dirty hemlines from walking the streets of Calcutta. We are now seeing the grime on Warren's polished couture.

Being a politician should be an automatic disqualification for aspiring saints. The Vatican does not believe this, of course. Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul were both consummate politicians in their own ways. Pope Francis is nothing if not a politician. His recent proclamation from his private jet about Catholic homophobia is a good example. He had just flown away from lauding Armenia, one of the most homophobic Christian countries on the planet. Busted.

American gullibility has built the fortunes of the corporate power which Elizabeth Warren pretends to critique. Hillary Clinton, a mock socialist like Obama and her husband, is at least a more honest operative for Wall Street. She would most likely admit that Wall Street has made her and husband Bill the billionaires they are today. Wall Street helped to elevate her political career from jilted First Lady to Senator from New York. Her daughter's husband is a Wall Street insider. Her friends in Manhattan include corporate Republican power brokers. 

Trump or Clinton, the American public will get the President they deserve, as they did with George W. Bush. As they rush to their own cultural decline in a haze of alcohol and drug abuse, Americans don't have time to think about what will come next. Climate change? Who cares? Overpopulation? Not my problem. War? Gang violence? Gun crime? Sorry, the size of Kim Kardashian's ass is much more important. 

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