Saturday, June 11, 2016


The American electorate have now handed the Presidential election of 2016 to the two political parties, owned and operated by Wall Street and the international bankers. The election is decided. Wall Street and its corporate chess players will rule here in the U.S. for at least another four years, as they have done for the past 36 years, since the jovial puppet, Ronald Reagan, was enthroned by the followers of Ayn Rand.

The Democrat Party has now silenced its most vigorous critic of the financial junta. Elizabeth Warren has been forced to support her female comrade, Hillary Clinton, in the face of Donald Trump's lunacy. Bernie Sanders will be duly punished after the election. He will be cast into some political wilderness for speaking the unspeakable in the U.S.: Social democracy. It remains to be seen whether he can keep a third-way momentum going after the Democrat Convention. 

The financial junta has relied on dividing the sexes in this election in order to conquer. As race and ethnicity become less powerful divisive forces in the country, gender still remains as an effective wedge issue to confound truly unified political resistance to the junta's control of the government through election money, the Federal Reserve and lobbying the corruptible. And they have paid big money to bright minds in advertising and political science to accomplish this. 

As long as material success is the measure of personal value in the world, the financial juntas will rule. They will build their genetic aristocracies again. And those genetic aristocracies will kill, starve and enslave those who do not cooperate. This is human history. This is current human reality, as can be seen around the globe to those with eyes opened. 

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