Sunday, July 31, 2016


Maa Shakti, Encompassing the Entire Universe.

Hillary Clinton may become the first female U.S. President. This has caused me to think about many global issues in relationship to women in power. It is obviously a good thing for women to be in positions of global political influence. That goes without saying, I hope. Many in the Muslim world would violently disagree, perhaps lethally disagree.
No matter what objections I may have about Ms. Clinton's motivations and philosophy, I do think she will at least represent some positive change in global society as a woman in a leadership role. Whether this outweighs the damage she may do to social democracy in the U.S. would have to be tallied at a later time.
Ms. Clinton is famous for saying, "It takes a village to raise a child." We have already become a population in the global village which does not really need another poor child of a mother who cannot provide for it. So, what happens when the village does not want to raise your child? This has been played out in recent times with parentless illegal migrants in the U.S., Australia and Europe. Children arrive in developed countries without resources, parental influence and language skills. German public schools in some areas of that country are struggling to cope with many of these children who lack guidance and discipline. They often become feral gangs which are violent and disruptive.
Urban public school systems in the U.S. have deteriorated in part from having to spread reduced public funding between educating under-advantaged native-born American children and providing special education for children without English. This has obviously damaged the overall productivity of those schools, as evidenced by standardized testing of reading and math skills. That damage far outweighs the benefits of diversity in the future of those children who later struggle with inadequate education. Think of the added burden of teaching children who have no accountability to or support from an adult whom they know well, love and trust.
Perhaps it is fitting that eventually it will be women in power who will have to educate women to understand that having a child, while a biological urge, is not a social right but a social responsibility. It may also be necessary for women to turn the tide of modern feminism from pro-religious faith mongering to hard scientific knowledge about the impact of individual reproduction on all human beings, not just one woman's progeny.  
The superwoman icon may be necessary as human beings transition from patriarch-matriarch paradigms to truly equal relationships between men and women. After all, God is the ultimate superman, and his domination of the human psyche is rapidly fading among the educated. The political female demigoddess, such as Meir, Indira Gandhi, Thatcher, Merkel, May, or Clinton, may well be a balancing force leading to greater secularism as well as political stability globally.
If this is true, women could turn the focus of global administration to benign village (planet) management, instead of violent (war) domination. Juno balances Jupiter. Hera balances Zeus. Shakti balances Shiva. It is time that the Abrahamic religions, which are all sexist and patriarchal, give way to a secular return to gender cooperation and productivity on this planet, before it is too late. The village is getting crowded. The air is polluted. Salt water is rising, and fresh water is running out. It takes a healthy planet to raise a healthy child.  

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