Friday, July 22, 2016


 I don't care what you believe if we are not acquainted. Therefore, much of what appears on internet backlit pages is irrelevant to me. This page may well be irrelevant to you. That's fine with me.
What I do care about is how you behave in my home or in my shared public space. If you approach me wearing full Islamic drag and spit at my feet, I don't give a shit what belief system motivates you. (Yes, I have had this happen to me when I was wearing a rainbow T-shirt.) I also do not care if some xenophobic asshole beats the crap out of you.
You can whine all you want about your right to unlawfully invade my country or someone else's. I really do not care if you believe that or why you believe it. I also do not care if they drag you off and deport you for not following the rules. Your unlawfulness in my country, which I support with my taxes and civic engagement, will have reaped you the treatment you deserve. I don't care what the authorities who drag you off believe either, as long as they are doing their jobs lawfully.
The fading beauty of the American secular Constitution was based in its indifference to what people believe. Freedom of thought is implied in the First Amendment. That same Constitution insures that you can even say what you believe as long as you do not physically encroach on other individuals' peaceful enjoyment of their lives. In other words, you can walk in a civilly planned demonstration down Main Street with a placard that states your most outrageous beliefs. It does not mean you can stop traffic ad lib on an interstate highway at rush hour. If you do that, I don't care what you believe. You deserve to be dragged off to jail or perhaps run down by a texting driver.
The last three decades of religious resurgence are leaving deep scars in the fabric of contemporary American society. I am not just talking about the outbreak of urban mosques, financed by extremist Saudi Arabians who seek to influence our government. I am not only talking about the Christian lunatics who are gay-obsessed when they are not forecasting some lame End of Days. I am not just talking about the rich Zionists who have welded us to a racist state in the Middle East. No. I am talking about the hypocrisy of all religions which preach love and tolerance but actually stir up hatred and division between people.
I am talking about the pious assholes in religious robes who tell people to not be Islamophobic at memorials for people killed by Islamic religious fanatics. I am talking about the Black ministers who rail against violence and drug abuse in ghettos but wink at their parishioners not cooperating with police to solve drug crimes and murders. I don't care what beliefs motivate these people. They are hypocrites and deserve the devastating exposure many of them experience later in their private lives.
If Donald Trump were not a total train wreck as a person, he could have potentially brought some of this practical sensibility back to our secular society. I do not believe he is any more of a racist or a xenophobe than the vast majority of human beings. I do believe he may have psychological problems. But Trump is basically saying to various whining special interest groups that he does not care what they believe. His focus is on what makes a country work based on a well established rule of law. I wish the media had been able to see this instead of playing up the man's quirkiness. I must also say I would not feel confident in his leadership if he were elected.
Hillary Clinton represents the apex of political exploitation of the after-effects of religion's infection of the American consciousness. She plays mother to the feminists who believe they are entitled to be drunken sluts while being protected by the state in case they hang with the wrong guys. She stokes the belief of some Black Americans that they are being persecuted on a massive scale by all authority. She will play the part of the bourgeois fag hag for gay men and the raging bull dyke for lesbians. I do not care what she believes. I doubt that she believes in anything other than "more" for Hillary. I just don't like how she has behaved officially and unofficially. I will not have sympathy for her if she is defeated by Donald Trump.
My life is unimpaired by the conformity and hypocrisy which rule the lives of most people with children. I have chosen this life. It wasn't all an accident. It has had plenty of challenges of its own, but having to live for my progeny has not been one of them. So, I do not care if you believe this or that is the best way forward for the next generations. From what I have seen, the behavior of parents has not contributed to a peaceful and ecologically healthy planet. It is by that reality that I do indeed judge and act accordingly. I don't care what you believe. Just follow the rules, obey the law and try not to be an obnoxious person to the people around you.

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