Wednesday, August 3, 2016



I support neither Trump nor Clinton for President. Bernie Sanders, despite his questionable physical hardiness, represented some of my ideals. I would have voted for him. I didn't feel the Bern. I am simply a social democrat in the way of my northern European cousins. Putting aside the "Hitler or Hitlery" nonsense which pundits are happily fanning on both sides of desperate Republican and Democrat campaigns, funded by killer capitalism, I see some rational alternative courses ahead for ethical Americans engaged in their own governance.

1. Vote Green Party.

Yes, I know. Jill Stein has the media magnetism of a flat sheet of paper. She is being accused of anti-science by some scientifically illiterate atheists. She is a licensed physician. Her anti-science is rocket science, compared to the average American, college-educated or not. The choice of voting for Stein is a choice for a female candidate. It is a choice for environmentalism. It is a choice for social ethics. It is also a choice for a better political system with more than two bully parties.

2. Abstain For Change.

I have chosen to abstain in good conscience during many democratic processes in my profession and in civic associations. Sometimes issues are funneled into bipolar debates by powerful subgroups in an organization. Sound familiar? Taking a deep breath, searching my conscience and abstaining has sometimes been the best ethical choice for me. In the 2016 campaign, abstinence will definitely effect change in the election. If Bernie supporters abstain in significant numbers, the corrupt Democrat elite will be crushed for future campaigns. If Trump is elected, he will be powerless in the face of a hostile Congress. Impeachment may be his future fate. That would send an earthquake through the Republican establishment. That would stimulate change as well. Realistically, the status quo would most likely be sustained for four more years.

3. Go Libertarian.

Not my favorite choice, but a realistic one. Gary Johnson is a standard Libertarian. He was a Republican governor of a Democrat state (New Mexico) in the vein of Bill Weld and current Gov Charlie Baker of Massachusetts. As a Bostonian social democrat, I love Republican governors in Massachusetts. Why? Because they clean up the corrupt excesses of Democrat governors who collude in corruption with our overwhelmingly Democrat legislature. That corruption always leaves us broke with a lousy infrastructure, as it has been in the wake of Deval Patrick. Gary Johnson is running with Bill Weld. He can't be too far over the line of socially responsible democracy. And, Libertarians are anti-militarism, because they are all about the tax money.

Cheer up. There are choices. Let the shriekers and bullies in both camps pollute Facebook and Twitter with humorless bombasts. Sit back and think about what can really happen if you choose to vote in a change-stimulating way. Neither The Donald nor Hillary will bring significant change from the two-rail track of hawkish militarism, which is bringing us closer to Saudi Arabia and China ... and farther from world peace. They will not liberate the U.S. government from Wall Street and IMF-committed banks. Citizens United is just the tip of that iceberg. Hillary's claim that she will change that is a distraction from her real backers and their global agenda.

Our current path is disastrous. Our civil society is cracking apart. Despite their rhetoric,  both major parties have brought us here. That includes our current President, who promised seismic change eight years ago. Unfortunately, the earthquake he helped roll out has cracked our civil discourse. Trump is just one of the beasts who have crawled out of those cracks. I have decided what course I will take to participate in change. I encourage you to do the same.

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