Monday, August 15, 2016


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There are many YouTube docs which try to inspire deep terror over human depopulation. They are usually motivated by religious, cultural or political narrowness of vision. The general theme is this: "We will lose out."
A recent doc I watched went on about European birthrates in decline to below 2 children per woman when statistically plotted to a median. Women in predominantly Muslim countries have a median birthrate of about 8 children per woman. The premise of the video was that culture cannot be maintained in its status quo at a birthrate under 2. Therefore, it extrapolated, migration or invasion by Muslims would inevitably overtake and destroy European civilization.
This may very well be true, but blaming it on European women becoming less limited by having too many children is not where the blame should lie. European women are among the healthiest and best educated on the planet. Their transition from a self-image based in being a dependent breeder for dominant men to being an independent person who may or may not have a child with or without a husband is at the very core of the progress of women in Europe and elsewhere.
This does not please many religious men and women in Europe, who see themselves increasingly marginalized as regressive and patriarchal. Brexit is considered by many smart thinkers in U.K. as a declaration by Brits most effected by patriarchal religion in the form of Islamic immigration. Brits in small cities throughout England have seen the regressive effects of religion in heavily Muslim neighborhoods of cities with lower median incomes than flashy cosmopolitan London.
Some media in U.K., heavily influenced by Saudi and Pakistani money, point to the Poles as the destabilizing influence which led to Brexit due to their dominance in skilled trades. Poles, despite their rooted Catholic religiosity, are not contributing to high birthrates. Polish women in U.K. have a birth rate of 2.13 children as opposed to the 1.9 birth rate of native British women.  The Muslim birth rate in U.K. is at least 3.0. But there are ample documentary videos in which Brits on the ground have been interviewed. In these docs, Brits overwhelming refer to the alienation created by Islamic immigration and population boom in some urban areas as the most critical influence upon their Brexit vote. And for good reasons.
Depopulation myths are perpetrated by racists, ethno-centrists, capitalists and misogynists alike. Isn't that interesting? Why? Well, one motivation in all of these groups is most likely fear of the liberation of women from male domination. Racists and ethno-centrists  resent 'their women' mating with people of other racial or cultural groups. Capitalists maintain that a higher birthrate is necessary for 'growth', but growth for whom? The answer is growth for the wealthy men who run the world. They narcissistically assert that they raise all human quality of life with their greed. There is no solid evidence to support this. Misogynists see a higher birthrate as a fulfillment of the role of women as house slaves and not equal competitors for incomes and social influence.
Europe and the U.S. had been doing fine with a declining birth rate. In fact, lowering the birth rate may be the major factor which will maintain our human ecology on Earth. The fact is that the declining birth rate and the rise of intelligent young women has given rise to politicians like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. In England, Theresa May. In Germany, Angela Merkel. These politicians are riding the tide of liberated women in society. They have no parallels in the Muslim world. They have no parallels in patriarchal China or patriarchal Russia, despite governmental attempts there to influence the birth rate.
Depopulation has been used as an excuse for allowing mass illegal migration into Europe by predominantly Muslim migrants. We have already seen the impact of this upon liberated young European women who are not locked away at home with many children. They are becoming intimidated to stay at home in the evening and to fear walking alone in public. I suggest that depopulation myths are intended to push back against feminism in The West. In a world where mechanization will soon replace a significant part of manual workers, it defies logic (and math) to claim that more people than we already have at a population of  approximately 7 billion are needed. In fact, our increasing human population may ultimately be our undoing as a species.  

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