Monday, August 29, 2016


Today's politics, more than ever, are about dominance. The virtualization of the world by electronic media is changing the wars for dominance from playing out organized battlefield gore to decimating social chaos, delivered to you through the social media you so readily become addicted to. "Divide and Conquer." This is the new old paradigm exploited by today's seekers of dominance.

The Islamic jihad rages through the Muslim world is both stimulus and distraction. It was initially funded and supported by Saudi Arabia, NATO nations, Iran, Turkey and Russia. To what end? What inspired the predominantly Christian and increasingly irreligious West to stir the murky political waters in collusion with Saudi Arabia? What caused Russia to support Iran and Assad in Syria?

Whatever the complexities may be, the net issue is boiling down to a battle against individualism and social oppression. While ostensibly uniting against ISIS, the powers involved are less ostensibly uniting behind the autocratic religion of Islam. Islam, after all, has worked for the Iranians and Saudi Arabians. I has justified the most severe oppression of civil and human rights. It has supported autocracy by royals in Saudi Arabia and clerics in Iran. The pro-royalist West has sided with the Saudi royalists. The anti-royalist and pro-autocratic Russians have sided with Iran. Most likely the Chinese as well.

The elites of the world are testing a huge human population in anticipation of predictable and inevitable shortages of natural resources. Islam has provided a ready-made vehicle. About one quarter of the human world population is Muslim. 26% or 1.6 billion, which is 200 million more people than the population of China, perhaps the world's largest non-religious population. By 2030, 10% of Europe's population is expected to be Muslim. The density of Muslim population in some European countries will far outweigh that in others. The important figure, though, is the acceleration of that density by high birthrate. The European Muslim population was only 4% in 1990.

The elites' romance with Islam is obvious. Dubai, for example, a city in a regressive Muslim aristocratic state, is a playground for global elites, who glory in the near-slave labor of the imported immigrants from other parts of the Muslim world. It is comparable to the luxuriating of the ancient Greek and Roman elites when they invaded or visited ancient Egypt, a state serviced by massive unregulated slave labor which exceeded that of either of the European empires.
The paradox of enabled infantile narcissism by the creation of controllable virtual realities in combination with heightened surveillance leading to conformity of thought/action is aptly named "mass distraction". Marshall McLuhan, the phenomenal scientific oracle, prophesized this current reality beginning in his 1967 publication, The Media Is The Message. His vision was mocked by many at the time. That time, like today, was plagued with a general miasma over the role of the U.S. in foreign affairs. Fear over the Cold War, like today's fears minted by governmental propaganda about terrorism, prompted the majority population in The West to be conformist and compliant. That soon ended in 1968, beginning with the protests by students in France.
What will break today's trance under media-produced "mass distraction"? The West has been nudged by Nigel Farage, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. But Angela Merkel and Hillary Clinton are singing lullabies to put us back to sleep. The lyrics are along the lines of "We have nothing to fear from Islamic ideology. Muslims are fine upstanding citizens. Illegal migration is not invasion. Russia is the real enemy." These platitudes have worked so far. How long can they work when average people actually find themselves directly effected by seismic cultural assault? I think Brexit was one example of what can happen. I think current discussion about a European border army is another.
Armies are not the solution. Neither is telling populations under environmental and population pressures to move to the back of the bus to make more room for immigrants. In the minds of those in power, manipulation of populations is the answer. Through whatever means are convenient to them. They always draw the line between the herd and themselves as the herders. They are less benign than herders, as millions learned in WWI and WWII. They are heartless predators.

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