Friday, August 12, 2016


The key to any financial power in a capitalist society is equity. Equity, assets which you own free and clear like cash or real estate which has no loans against it, is the platform from which you can securely build wealth. Without equity, you have nothing. You can easily become homeless or a dependent upon the state or your extended family. Risky investments which are not insured or are tied to major fluctuating trends are not real equity. Stocks and bonds are fine for investing excess equity, but they are risky investments for a person with no basic financial independence. They are a form of gambling.

The current failure of capitalism in the U.S. and Europe is the parasitic digestion and hoarding of equity by individuals who play the system. This is accelerated by the role of advertising and corporate media ownership. While economists know that equity is essentially the same as wealth, they have colluded with stock markets and banks to preach the gospel of leverage to the people. This is shifting equity to the people who already hold the most equity. It is sucking equity away from you, a person with limited or no equity.

The religious aspect of capitalism, conveyed through non-profit capitalists, a growing group of corporate oxymoronic entities which are born from tax codes, preaches a gospel of Christian-based 'sharing' through spending. The U.S. economy is currently a service economy which lives on consumer spending. It thrives on you and others constantly spending money on things you do not need rather than saving up equity (cash in the bank or in your home). Meanwhile, this religious form of capitalism preaches against taxes and for privatization of public services and infrastructure, which we all need. Why? Because they are actually not non-profits. They pay their staff with wealthy capitalist backing and contributions, which also come from your equity.

As soon as your debt exceeds your liquid equity, you are enslaved. You owe 'them'. Just like being indebted to a lone-shark. The 'legitimate' lenders won't break your legs. They will simply break your soul. They will brand you as unreliable. They will undermine your future attempts at freedom through equity. They own you. They then can easily also own your government. Then they can further control you to do what they want you to do, like go to war against other enslaved people for the further gain of your greedy masters.

Liberation through equity is one peaceful way to fight back against capitalist enslavement. How do you liberate yourself through equity? It is simple. First stop spending funds on things you do not need. You must sit down and assess what you do need. Not what you want, but what you need. This is not always as easy as it sounds. If you have been spoiled by your mad-spending or better-off parents, you may think you need a new car, foreign travel, new clothes, etc.. In fact, you have been brainwashed into thinking these are needs. They are actually wants, promoted by capitalists who profit from them. They and their advertiser operatives know how to play you.

What everyone needs is simply stated. Everyone needs a secure place to live, good daily nutrition, a good night's sleep, some entertainment, some regular social/sexual life. That's it. It does not matter how these are attained, as long as they are attained and paid for without incurring debt.

People do not need expensive pets. They do not need new cars. They do not need a new kitchen if their kitchen works. They do not even need children. Children themselves are needy. Parents should not be. A parent with secure equity who wants to raise a healthy child selflessly is a better parent. A woman who simply feels compelled hormonally to have a child because her clock is ticking is not a mindful person. She is not likely to be a selfless parent. Add her self-centered nature to economic enslavement, and you get a disadvantaged mother with a dependent child, who may well be conditioned to become disadvantaged.

Attaining new economic independence is a decision which requires commitment to mindful action and hard work. Equity builds upon itself. This is how rich people transfer wealth generationally in capitalism. It is the basis of a class system, commonly denied in current capitalist societies. Class systems exist. Rich people lie when they say they do not exist. That lie is one of the tools that keeps class systems going. Rich people know that they will be less rich with the fall of class. They fight taxation whether they act like egalitarians or not. The richer they are, the further removed they are from the evil that keeps them rich. This makes established wealth very difficult to overcome. Today it is often disguised as Liberalism.

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