Friday, September 23, 2016


Chinese city built for population relocation from rural to urban life.

The racial and economic upheaval in Charlotte, North Carolina, is symptomatic of the denial of the major issues of our time. The denial by media. The denial by national governments. The denial by international agencies. To social justice warriors and rioters, I say, "I understand your anger and frustration, but you are terribly near-sighted."

Looking at the big picture at the end of an eventful human life is painful. Wisdom is wasted on the old. Youth is wasted on the young. Some things haven't changed from the dawn of human time.

Opening your eyes to the real state of your planet and your species is frustrating. Each of us is powerless to actually turn the stampede of the herd. Kings and presidents alike have learned this over the course of human history. Lincoln sat in Washington through years of powerlessness over the massacre of civil war. American Indians watched powerlessly as their land was taken by the endless numbers of aggressive migrants who flooded in from East to West. Europeans experience a similar fate, seemingly karmic after centuries of vicious invasion and colonization.
Looking at yourself as one mortal animal in a species of extinguishable animals is an uncomfortable prospect for most human beings. The ages have given our species free time in longer life spans with evolved brains to construct defenses against consciousness of physical reality. All human systems from religion to politics are abstract constructs of human brains, not of some immortal Universal intelligence (god). We have elevated ourselves to the status of preternatural beings, but we are just as vulnerable as any other species to failure. At this moment, we are more vulnerable than some others.
The desperation to remain deluded is obvious. ISIS members are so desperate to be justified in their human construct of how things should be that they viciously kill anyone who challenges their delusion. While some of us in the Euro-based West shake our heads at this, we must also admit that our own ancestors went through the same vicious depth of depravity 500 years ago. The periodic resurgence of religious and political fundamentalism still retards progress in our societies. This clinging to the delusions that separate us from the rest of life on the planet threatens our survival.
"Progressives" in the U.S. and Europe now justify violence and fundamentalist religion. This is actually regressive. These same people will not realistically address overpopulation and environmental degradation. They continue to reproduce just because they "want a baby". They drive SUV's and pickups. They support governmental policies and media-fueled causes that deepen divisions and poverty in society. "Conservatives" in the U.S. and Europe are even more removed from reality, because they are aligned with those who are most comfortable in the status quo. They own the media which fuel conformist delusions for their own sakes.
Aging for the conscious mind is a master's course in Life. Aging while non-religious, scientific, non-heterosexual and childless sometimes feels like gliding above human delusions on the winds of natural transformation, like a butterfly who has broken from its cocoon with the daunting awareness of its imminent death. The relentless urge to cry out to those whose lives are immersed in trivial battles and self-gratifications reaps scorn and abuse if not controlled with practiced patience. Patience is wisdom, but it comes with a price of solitary suffering. This is a wise man's burden.

Thursday, September 15, 2016


From the Gilded Age.

Jean-Claude Juncker, former P.M. of Luxembourg and E.C. President of the E.U., recently made reference to runaway populism in reference to U.K.'s democratic decision to leave the E.U.. Nothing I have heard to date better exposes the elitism of the new global capitalist aristocracy.
The corporately controlled media in Europe and U.S. use the term "populist" as a put-down when reporting on politics. They have painted Donald Trump's campaign as populist, as though this was a bad thing. They are obviously frightened by the support a crazy guy like Trump can gather by simply stating what is on the mind of a vast swath of the U.S. population. Hillary Clinton just found out what populism can do when she made her elitist remarks about half of Trump's supporters.
True democracy is populist. This is the problem for the financial elite who presume a right to rule us. All attempts at tyranny spark a cycle of populist uprising. This is human history. Extreme populism in reaction to extreme tyranny is bloody, and by simple numerical strength smashes tyrants. The harsher the tyranny, the harsher the populist reaction to it. The harsher the populist reaction, the more bodies in the streets.
The global elite are attempting soft tyranny by using mass media to anesthetize the public. The media encourage alcohol abuse and soft-peddle addiction. Media are desensitizing the public to criminality to rationalize the corruption necessary for the elite to bribe leaders to comply with their agenda. Religion is promoted as a good thing, despite its propensity to promote anti-science and violence worldwide. It seems the elite feel that a stunned and stupefied public can be controlled indefinitely.
Another propaganda tool the elite are using is indoctrination of minorities in societies to fear populism. The elitist media implies that populism in a country will inevitably lead to the persecution of minorities. They quickly raise the scepter of Nazism, for example. This is nonsense, of course. Nazism was a tool of the industrial elite who used its violent terrorism to suppress diverse democracy in Weimar Germany. Those elite industrialists were comparable to the global financial elite of today, who use terrorism of mass invasion by illegal immigrants and fear of an extremist religion to cow their populations. The various populist leaders of diverse ideologies  in Weimar Germany were rounded up and sent to labor camps by the storm troopers of the crony-capitalist (non-populist) elite. Weimar populism stood in the way of profits from a new war machine.
People like Jean-Claude Juncker are more prone to salute dictatorial flags because they raise them in the name of enlightened progress. The reality is that they are simply interested in power and wealth for themselves and their heirs. They are just a new version of the few predators who always seek to oppress and exploit the many. They see the upcoming tsunami of environmental degradation and human overpopulation. They are not prepared to make any sacrifice of their own luxury and comfort. Their behavior is a reaction to their own fear of losing what they themselves have. However, the harder they try to suppress populism, the heavier the price their own descendants will have to pay.

Monday, September 12, 2016


A Whimsical British Gay Button.

I am astounded by current media hypersensitivity to Muslims in America. What better evidence of Saudi oil money upon our politics and media?
Today PRI's The World, a generally excellent journalism broadcast, presented a piece about how difficult it is for Muslims to be celebrating their holiday, Eid, at the anniversary time of the 911 mass killing in NYC. Really? OK, I get it that it must be a time of shame by association with an ideology which condones the murder of infidels. But I have to ask why such shame by association does not seem to cause the American subscribers to that ideology to question or reject the ideology itself on the most fundamental level.
As a gay man, I refuse to accept that anyone who subscribes to a homophobic ideology by saying "I am a (blank) but..."is not homophobic. I refuse to accept this from Roman Catholics. I refuse to accept this from Mormons. I refuse to accept this from Muslims. I refuse to accept this from Orthodox Jews. Go sell it somewhere else. This is essential for my emotional and potentially my physical survival as a gay man. If I let down my guard with those who subscribe to a homophobic ideology, I make myself vulnerable to abuse. It is that simple, that logical, that masochistic.
Abrahamic religions in their fundamental form are all ideologically anti-democratic, misogynist, homophobic and exclusive. If you do not know this, I suggest you study them as much as I have for the last five decades. I am not a stupid anti-religious bigot. Bigotry and stupidity are the hallmarks of the irrationally devout.
So, when I hear Muslims whining in major media about Islamophobia, a term devised by the Muslim Brotherhood, a fundamentalist jihadist group, I shrug unsympathetically. When I am scolded by an uneducated person who defends Muslims as though they are genetically bound to that ideology, especially if that uneducated person is gay, I do not pay any attention. Ignorance is bliss. Stupidity is its own punishment. But I will say that having the nerve to whine about yourself because you subscribe to an ideology that is killing people with self-justification is an insult to my intelligence after your injury to my anti-violent humanistic sensibilities.