Monday, September 12, 2016


A Whimsical British Gay Button.

I am astounded by current media hypersensitivity to Muslims in America. What better evidence of Saudi oil money upon our politics and media?
Today PRI's The World, a generally excellent journalism broadcast, presented a piece about how difficult it is for Muslims to be celebrating their holiday, Eid, at the anniversary time of the 911 mass killing in NYC. Really? OK, I get it that it must be a time of shame by association with an ideology which condones the murder of infidels. But I have to ask why such shame by association does not seem to cause the American subscribers to that ideology to question or reject the ideology itself on the most fundamental level.
As a gay man, I refuse to accept that anyone who subscribes to a homophobic ideology by saying "I am a (blank) but..."is not homophobic. I refuse to accept this from Roman Catholics. I refuse to accept this from Mormons. I refuse to accept this from Muslims. I refuse to accept this from Orthodox Jews. Go sell it somewhere else. This is essential for my emotional and potentially my physical survival as a gay man. If I let down my guard with those who subscribe to a homophobic ideology, I make myself vulnerable to abuse. It is that simple, that logical, that masochistic.
Abrahamic religions in their fundamental form are all ideologically anti-democratic, misogynist, homophobic and exclusive. If you do not know this, I suggest you study them as much as I have for the last five decades. I am not a stupid anti-religious bigot. Bigotry and stupidity are the hallmarks of the irrationally devout.
So, when I hear Muslims whining in major media about Islamophobia, a term devised by the Muslim Brotherhood, a fundamentalist jihadist group, I shrug unsympathetically. When I am scolded by an uneducated person who defends Muslims as though they are genetically bound to that ideology, especially if that uneducated person is gay, I do not pay any attention. Ignorance is bliss. Stupidity is its own punishment. But I will say that having the nerve to whine about yourself because you subscribe to an ideology that is killing people with self-justification is an insult to my intelligence after your injury to my anti-violent humanistic sensibilities.

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