Sunday, October 30, 2016


The corporate-controlled media are pushing mass distraction on several fronts. They are whipping up the Cold War antagonism between the U.S. and Russia. They are trying to sell the U.S. Presidential election as democracy. They are tearing at the heart-strings of the inanely sentimental with constant stories about migrants and refugees. 

Media in the developed countries of The West are not talking about the deterioration of banker capitalism in the face of radical environmental degradation and overpopulation. The core value of this failing financial model is obvious to anyone free of debt. The "more is more" notion of this capitalism is based in greed, not logic or social compassion. It sits in stark opposition to ancient wisdom, summarized by "less is more". 

The power structures behind most world governments are based in exploitation of the masses by manipulation. Fancy euphemisms for politicians, like "change agents", cloak the reality that power still corrupts. And the corrupted seek absolute power to protect themselves from discovery and accountability. The Clintons and Trump are excellent examples.

What would a caring democratic media establishment be focused on? Well, it might be exposing the arms dealers who are behind all the current wars on the planet. It might be exposing the politicians and military leaders who are in bed with these predators. It might be exposing the connection between violence and ideologies like American exceptionalism, institutional religion, internalized racism, homophobia, misogyny. It might be exposing the intentional impoverishment of the many by the few. Just for starters. 

The mainstream media are enabling the masses to turn a deaf ear and blinded eyes to the precipitous environmental crisis which is inevitable. That crisis is about to devastate global civilization as we know it. The displacement of millions by war will seem mild compared to the global displacement caused by climate collapse. Because climate collapse will not only entail some coastal flooding. The collapse of one key insect species, like the bee, could lead to a collapse of the entire global food supply for humans in a matter of a few years.

It is easy to dither in front of a monitor screen. Planting and harvesting crops is brutally hard work. As we billions become more and more removed from that brutal reality of survival, we become more and more vulnerable to extinction. We have become distanced from our neighbors and communities. We have become divided and conquered by the insidious technology which makes us feel more connected in virtual social media. In short, we have been mesmerized into complacency, like the fat and happy citizens of previous empires.

Each of us would do well to estimate his/her reality, separated from the herd. What are my resources? What can I actually rely upon in my life in case things go badly? What are my skills to deal with severe challenges which go deeper than looking for a job or making car payments? What would I do if there was no more electrical power to turn on my devices of distraction and false resourcefulness? 

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