Thursday, October 20, 2016


Alan Turing. Gay Savior of WWII Britain. 
Driven to suicide (or possibly assassinated) by the British government. 

Another illustration of how out-of-touch are the aristocrats of the corporate West. The British government offers pardons to homosexuals who were jailed, stigmatized and impoverished by anti-gay laws in effect in Britain until the early 2000's. I'm solid with George Montague, an elderly victim of the injustice of bigoted anti-gay laws, who said he would not accept a pardon. Oscar Wilde, Alan Turing, John Gielgud and others died under the shadow of shaming by the British government. Wilde and Turing were mentally and physically destroyed by their persecution.

This is like pardoning people for being runaway slaves after the Civil War in the U.S.. Pardoning people for disobeying unjust law, which violated basic human rights to be physically and psychologically free within their own bodies, simply continues to validate the unjust law. The law itself invalidates the justice of the system which maintained it. It is the system which is in need of pardon. Those abused by it deserve much more than an unjustifiable pardon. 

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