Thursday, November 3, 2016


I disavow a new breed of  narcissist who are making a mockery of the gay rights movement. Find your own movement. You do not identify as gay or lesbian, so bugger off. 

The recent attacks on Professor Jordan Peterson at University of Toronto are the latest in a putsch by a mentally disordered minority who are so obsessed with their bodies that they want to get the whole world to pay proper attention to them. Proper attention to these stunted personalities entails speaking to them in their own infantile language as if they were 4 years old. People like Nicholas Matte, professor of gender studies at U of T, is jumping on this opportunity to carve out an faux-scientific niche in Academia.

Matte displays his profound arrogance and dishonesty by quoting science about human biology that does not really exist. He's either making it up or has read it while waiting in line at the supermarket. What the hell is "gender studies" anyway? I thought those of us who try intelligence on for size are also trying to move beyond gender. After all, the human ecosystem is degrading rapidly. Do we have a lot of time to be staring at ourselves in the mirror, obsessing on our superficial appearance? I think not.

As for LGBTQI bullshit, I stopped financially supporting organizations which keep adding these letters to our homosexual rights movement decades ago. I will continue to withhold money from them, and from so-called LGBTQI organizations which cozy up to religious ideologies which have oppressed gay men and lesbians throughout history.

Listen up, trans fascist. I will support your wearing whatever you want to wear wherever you want to go, as long as you take responsibility for the consequences. Yes, I think you have a human right to walk around peacefully without having your head bashed in. Absolutely. But you do not have the right to be stupid and act stupid without consequences. Nobody has that right in the real world. You also do not have the right to dictate my opinion of your choices. You also do not have the right to tell me how I must speak to you or anyone else. If you don't want to hear me, walk away, turn the page, flick the switch, stick your index fingers in your ears and sing... or just mind your own business.

I will not support your decision to pay an unethical surgeon to castrate or mutilate you for profit just because you want him/her to. I will not support your taking hormones which will make you crazy and kill you prematurely just because you want to. The thought of one cent of public money, my tax money, going to these unethical medical practices enrages me as a healthcare professional. If some goofball politician or judge decides he/she knows better than the body of medical opinion, that does not make castration better science. It cheapens all medical science. 

So, feel free to descend into regressive baby talk with your girlfriends or boyfriends or neuter friends. Ze this and ve that. Refer to your individual self as 'they'. Perhaps that intentional grammatical error is an honest one. You may indeed have multiple personality disorder. Or it may just rightly warn your listener that you are so self-centered and self-righteous that you cannot be bothered to appropriately use a common language with the rest of us. And, if that is true, you certainly don't belong anywhere near a university.

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