Sunday, November 6, 2016


Trumps and Clintons at the Trumps' Wedding. 

Yes, my fellow Americans, we stand on the verge of a new government's further screwing up our lives. Whether the titular head of that government is Hillary or Donald does not matter in the least. Sorry to burst your bubble. And, by the way, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny and Caitlyn Jenner's tits are not real either. It will just be a continuation of the media-fueled fantasy that has spun the so-called-by-him Obama Legacy. 

Look around. Do you see an Obama Legacy on your street, in your city? Do you see happy people of all colors and origins humming along and saying 'hello' to each other and the local beat cop? Are your medical waiting rooms gleaming shrines of secure and prompt medical care at low cost to you? Is your car insurance cheaper? How about your home insurance? Do you feel any safer downtown after dark? Is your urban neighborhood peaceful? How about the response time when you call 911? Do you encounter thoughtful and polite citizens on your roads, in your shopping malls, in your supermarket?

You've been bought by cheap gasoline. Yes, car-hooked America, you've sold your souls out so you can drive a few blocks to Dunkin Donuts for a sugar fix  in your over-powered pickup or SUV. You take solace in Netflix on your huge Chinese flat screen because the local multiplex shows crap and smells of putrid fake popcorn butter. You've complied with your conformist conditioning to consider getting drunk in a fake Irish pub a good night out. You've subscribed to inane political correctness to save yourself the anxiety that comes from thinking hard about ethical and social issues. It's all good. That is why it will soon be all bad.

Neither Hillary nor Donald are interested in saving you from your out-of-shape, addicted, materialistic self. They both want you to continue to eat processed crap and drink lots of craft beer. They want you to buy legalized marijuana. They want you to take sleeping pills, testosterone, female hormones and tranquilizers. An anesthetized electorate is a malleable electorate. An isolated selfish electorate requires no dividing to conquer. A population which defends Islam, even when it threatens the roots of Western Civilization, need not be feared by any control-minded politician. Poorly educated religious people are better at accepting myths, untruths, dogma and anti-science. 

The fact is you've already bought into the eventual use of martial law and media manipulation to erode your control over your own government. Unlike the Brits who dared support Brexit against the daunting tide of propaganda and threats placed against them by the likes of Trumps and Clintons in Britain and Europe, you Americans have rallied to Hillary and Donald, despite being offered a man of conscience, Bernie Sanders, who could have started an overdue new American revolution. Why? Because your concept of government is akin to your understanding of Little League baseball. Two sides, our side, their side, rah, rah, boo, boo. A tawdry snit between husband and wife in a dead marriage. Something you all know too well, yet strangely admire. 

The verge ahead will be a trip over a cliff. I would have said "waterfall", but the harsh reality of climate change makes riding over a waterfall seem too gentle an image. The geopolitical forces at play with either Hillary or Donald at the illusive helm of our nation have been set on a path of population management and segregation of the haves from the have-nots, the necessary but inconvenient 90% of humanity who support the 10% who have no intention of lowering the quality of their lifestyle. If you are reading this, you are most likely of that latter category. So fasten your seat belt and down a few Xanax with your craft beer. It's not going to be like anything you've seen at a Disney theme park. 

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