Thursday, December 22, 2016


This random Web photo illustrates unhealthy ideology.

In the wake of the deadly Christmas market attack in Berlin, Germans are finding that their government has abandoned them to fend for themselves in the face of violent jihad and criminal exploitation by invaders. German media and European politicians have colluded in foisting a fraud on the German people. Greed has led to the undue influence of Saudi Arabia and Turkey on European politics. Turkey has led the push of Islamic states into European politics in its attempts to join the European Union, despite wide discrepancies in human rights standards.

Germans interviewed by various international news outlets after the Berlin attacks exhibit the confused minds of the indoctrinated. Clear-headed Germans firmly state their disappointment in their government and security services. They state their intent to support political change away from Merkel's mismanagement of Germany's national security. The confused whine shrill assertions of living with the status quo with a stiff upper lip. "We cannot be afraid. We must go on." 

Anyone who is not afraid after random mass murders in his/her community is in denial, at best, or is simply out of touch with reality. 

Politicians in Germany, Britain and Europe generally have been bought by those with vested interests in maintaining the status quo of mass migration and loosened security. Here in the U.S. politicians and police management have all but surrendered to elitist pressure to curtail adequate security on our streets. Media have colluded. Rather than vigorously countering allegations of generalized racism and police brutality, these community leaders have taken a passive-aggressive stance of near silence and reduced responsiveness on the streets. Ask anyone who has called 911 in your neighborhood, if you live in a low-income area of a major city. Response times are long. Dispatchers, who are not even trained law enforcement personnel, try to push you off. 

The inevitable backlash against this trend should be much more frightening to all citizens. Trump's election is a symptom of that backlash. If the tide of violence and criminality is not kept at bay consistently in dense populations, the reaction to the resulting anarchy is authoritarianism. History has proven this over and over again. Pushing the mind-numbing form of narcissistic Liberalism of recent times, as seen on college campuses and in Liberal media, only accelerates the backlash. This is not a White backlash, as some would label it for shock value. This is a backlash by decent citizens who are victimized by crime, governmental failure and economic hardship. 

It is foolish masochism to advocate for anarchy (illegal immigration, flooding our society with mood-altering drugs, deregulating education, deregulating industry, and promoting individual isolationism, facilitated by information technology). Anarchy puts everyone at risk. Laws exist to help and protect the socially responsible. That standard of law in society helps and protects all citizens. Once the dangers created by anarchy reach the wealthy, military-style oppression will follow. The tipping point is closer than most of us wish to consider when we look honestly at the urbanized world around us. 

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