Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Globalism is being promoted by those who have the most to gain from it, those who already hold power and wealth. Ancient pharaohs, emperors and kings would most likely unite for globalism in this age of overpopulation, environmental decline and information technology. Globalism is not science. Globalism is top-down population and resource management, justified by economists, the grand wizards of crony capitalism. They twist statistics and corporately controlled money into magical formulas to justify greed and exploitation of labor and the environment. Economics of this age is not science. It is a monolithic mathematical religion, based in evil assumptions.

The misdirected rage of extreme Islamists and their extreme counterparts on the political Right in The West is based, I believe, in the frustration of people with the assumptions of capitalism and power politics of our age. Their opposition is engineered by a media which is owned and operated by the powers who promote crony capitalism, or capitalist aristocracy. Their propaganda brings great profits to military establishments, in which the power brokers are deeply invested. This serves the dual purpose of uniting the masses behind the capitalist aristocracy and neutralizing any opposition to it. 

Globalists seek to merge all their subjects (the people) into a vast mass of exploitable labor and investors into their aristocratic wealth machines. This mass of humanity must be stripped of all identity other than world citizenship. They must be stripped of ideas of individual race or ethnicity, once lovingly referred to as "roots". They must be stripped of nationhood. They must be stripped of ownership. Everything they use to survive must be bought on credit or rented. Ownership will be the privilege of the capitalist aristocracy. 

The illusion of "a better life" must be promoted, according to the globalist agenda. This enables the global elite to promote mass migration after waging war to strip millions of home and national identity. The aristocrats promote the wonders of The West through their media in the Third World while promoting sharing and caring in the First World. This is social engineering on a massive scale. It is obvious to anyone with open eyes. 

The promotion of religion by corporate media is a catalyst, or perhaps a sweetener. Appealing to fear and superstition of the impoverished is simple. Proposing religious ideals to the educated is not very hard, since most have come from some religious tradition. It taps into their earliest psychological conditioning, by-passing their frontal lobes. Merkel promotes mass migration with Protestant Christianity. Putin maintains control with Orthodox Catholicism. Obama plays both ends of Christianity and Islam against the middle. And Jews, highly invested in the corporate-banking machine,  form alliances with apocalyptic fundamentalist Christians under the pretext of protecting Israel. Meanwhile, some wealthy Chinese mimic The West by adopting religion despite the success brought to them by a secular Communist state, which they are slowly dismantling from within with their wealth. 

Educational institutions are being reduced to nurseries for regressed children of the privileged. Coddling them eliminates student protest against the roots of their privilege. Encouraging protest by dysfunctional neo-feminists and affluent members of racial minorities does not threaten capitalist aristocracy because the objects of these protests are those whom the corporate elite wish to cow and bully, the working middle class. That aristocracy knows that the working middle class, the bourgeoisie, have always led economic revolution by mobilizing the poor. By hammering them with cries of "racism, "sexism" and "White privilege", the corporate media and their minions in education can neutralize the working middle class as a threat, while promoting the false ideology of everyone's success through entrepreneurship, the Gospel of Prosperity.

The gradual moderation and control of electronic communication and self-publishing is next. The corporate aristocracy have plans for the Internet. By unitizing charges for Internet use, they will gradually limit the Internet to people who cooperate with and depend upon corporate control. After all, they will be the only people who will be able to afford broadband. "Free" or "inexpensive" media will be dumbed down to the level of pure mass manipulation. Freely uploaded content to the Internet will all but cease. Information technology experts will collude with the aristocracy to develop censoring tools which will further divide and conquer the masses. Oligarchic governments will have all the tools necessary to quietly eliminate troublemakers (Think Snowden, Manning, Assange, Anonymous).

This is not paranoid science fiction. This is beginning to happen right now. And the obvious complicity of religious leaders, the educated and the mid-level financial classes glides along without wide criticism. Major media outlets have been gutted of anti-capitalist writers. "Socialism" and "communism" and "nationalism" have been turned into dirty words. How long will it take for "democracy" to fall to the same fate? Not long. How long will it take before blogs like this are extinct? Not long. The inevitable merging of technology and globalism will allow the corporate aristocracy to do whatever it takes to try to drastically reverse environmental degradation for their own sake. And, we all know from history what science in the hands of totalitarian control looks like. 

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