Saturday, December 24, 2016


I am developing a working hypothesis concerning the dysfunctional neo-feminism which is plaguing college campuses and political campaigns. Simply put, I am questioning whether the social justice war of neo-feminism is actually a form of unconscious sadistic-masochistic sexuality wherein the social justice warrior seeks to assert himself/herself/themselves as dominatrix. 

I have spent some disturbing hours studying social justice warriors (SJW's) and neo-conservatives (Alt-Right) on Youtube. I believe many extremists on the Alt-Right, while consciously asserting traditional values, qualify as participants in an obsessive sado-masochistic (S&M) relationship with these extremist SJW's.  

For example, let's think about gender dysphoria. About 4 people in 1,000 statistically, counting birth males and birth females,  suffer pathological discomfort with their birth gender. That is about one half a percentage point of the human population. On a purely statistical basis, it is simply provocative to highlight gender dysphoria as a key feminist issue, representative of half the human population. It is over 125 times out of proportion. I see it as a form of enticement to reject a premise that all equality or justice for all human beings should hinge on special accommodation for transgender human beings. It is an irrational proposition. Yet, SJW's react with predictable fury when this is addressed in any fashion. Why? 

I speculate that the extremist SJW movement is a reaching out for limit-setting by a sexually frustrated/frightened and sexually dysfunctional minority who have exploited the Christian concept of justice for "the least of my brethren" to justify their impulse to provoke disapproval or perhaps even violence. Their cause is definitely not anti-sexist. The evidence for this is obvious. What is more sexist than the fixated gender-obsession of transgender people? What is more sexist than the segregation of many gay men, lesbians and transgender people into self-imposed same-sex cliques? What is more sexist than cliques of SJW's who intentionally alienate and demean confidently heterosexual men?  Integration is a basic element of equality and justice. To claim to profess devotion to equality and then to isolate into exquisitely minuscule cliques is a behavioral contradiction of purpose. It is hypocrisy at its worst or immature cognitive dissonance at its best.

The readiness of female SJW's who walk around in bedroom garb in public to scream "Rape!" when given the least bit of male attention is, in my speculation, an outward evidence of repressed sado-masochistic desires. It used to be called "cold-cocking","cock-teasing" or "blue-balling". It is famously attributed to Roman Catholic virgins. It has always been the practice of a small element of the homosexual male population. These flirts are usually sexually dysfunctional in any number of ways. They also tend to be self-loathing. It has been a more common practice of heterosexual males or closeted bisexual males in the presence of known homosexual men. Alluring someone with the bait of partial or full nudity, combined with a feigned indifference, places the seducer in control. The seducer may then vent his/her repressed sexual tensions/anger/frustrations on the allured, who may be far from a sexual aggressor. Thus the seducer then becomes the oppressor of the seduced victim. This form of sexual dysfunction is often seen as symptomatic of childhood sexual abuse. 

Two videos triggered these thoughts in my mind. One was the famously absurd and pathetically funny "Hugh Mungus" video (above). This exhibits the adoption by a mentally ill person of a marginally acceptable ideology to cloak her own mental dysfunction. In other words, she does not see herself as needing help for her mental illness. She sees herself as a victim of an external threat or injustice. The reality is that the internal threat of her brain dysfunction is just as dangerous, if not more, than the external threats around her. But it may well be easier for her to yield to her denial and avoidance of getting professional help. I see this process in many of the SJW videos. It saddens me deeply to see treatable mental illness being justified by groups who collude in mutual denial. It is not dissimilar from groups of codependent alcoholics/addicts.

The second video which provoked my thoughts was of a young woman in skin-tight clothing and wearing a bra under an open jacket as she strutted around a city during the day. She was intentionally being filmed as she attracted male attention and repeatedly rebuffed it. Most of the male attention was complimentary and appropriately heterosexual, given her outfit. She was not repeatedly manhandled, yet her responses to the attention were often hostile and demeaning. Why would she do this if she was not acting out some form of sexual dysfunction? What "justice" was being served? I doubt she was settling the score of being enticed by men who walked around half-naked and rebuffed her advances. Does she see cold-cocking as some kind of equal right? It is impossible to figure out what she thinks from her behavior. This is a large part of her problem in a social context.

In another irrational context, the same women who profess their allegiance to the SJW movement defend Islam and its prescriptions of body-covering for women. The woman in the second video could easily accomplish relative sexual invisibility by walking urban streets in a burka or by dressing like a Mennonite. However, she chose a revealing costume for the exercise. The point of the exercise was obviously to seduce and rebuff. This is a common form of sado-masochistic sexuality. 

I am not broadly judging consensual adult S&M sexuality as a symptom of mental illness or sexual dysfunction by any means. On the contrary, intentional and playful S&M or B&D (bondage and discipline) sex may actually be therapeutic under certain conditions between certain individuals. But that therapeutic component requires understanding and verbalization by the participants of their needs. This usually comes from some internal evaluation of where those sexual desires originate and what purpose they serve. The mindless S&M, fueled by amphetamine addiction, in the 1980's gay club scene drastically propelled the spread of HIV, even after warnings were clearly made about the viral transmission of that disease. Mindless sadism and mindless masochism are indeed dangerous.

Perhaps the word "viral" is more applicable to social media and streaming media than the current use of that word implies. Perhaps these outlets of expression and consumption by the broad public can spread some forms of mental dysfunction, like communicable diseases. At the very least, these media can bring together numbers of people who suffer from the same delusions or mental maladies. Consolidating those people into virtual or actual communities may provide support, but, unless that support is moderated with sane leadership or mentoring, the result can be the spiraling of destructive currents into society. The extremes of both the SJW and Alt-Right movements are perhaps examples of those currents (vectors) of epidemic insanity. 

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