Saturday, January 14, 2017


It is in the interest of those who hold power to keep people divided and thereby conquered. As the world becomes overpopulated and under-resourced, competition for those things which bring quality to human life will increase. There is no infinity when it comes to the boundaries of sustainability. No water into fine wine. The extinction of countless species by human overpopulation is the ignored (by humans) evidence of that simple fact.

Religion and the autistic grandiosity of some scientists are often cited as excuses for just letting it all go its course. God's will. Our fate. Those are the answers of simplistic religious minds. We can do anything we put our minds to. That is the simplistic thinking of scientists who have successfully cracked a biological threat or developed a program which makes a machine into a butler or chambermaid. The Big Picture is not the strong suit of either camp.

Mass migration was predicted in popular press several decades ago by strong thinkers who anticipated the growing disparities between First World and Third World (Northern Hemisphere vs Southern) populations. When those disparities became shared through global digital media (Skype, etc.) in the hands of billions who could afford a smart phone, the rush to the doors of the developed countries was inevitable. Politicians and their media groupies like to blame war and famine, caused by someone else, as the accelerators of mass migration. This may be true, only in part.

Mass migration is a stampede, similar to the rush in a discount store when the public address system announces an irresistible bargain in one aisle. Welfare benefits, health care, clean streets, bathrooms, running water, constant electricity, available food, etc.. These are the irresistible bargains which drive people to hop on sinking boats in Libya and freight trains in Central America. They are not seeking back-breaking labor. They have that where they come from. They do not understand that these "bargains" are paid for by generations of taxpaying citizens of the developed nations. 

The politicians who urge tolerance and generosity on the part of a beleaguered constituency are just continuing their malfeasance as useless parasites on the public teat. Given that they have been told for decades that worldwide measures must be taken to educate women and raise them from the poverty of having too many children, looking at their actual accomplishments in this area reveals them for the useless, self-aggrandising bureaucrats they are. They fly in comfortable jets and attend global summits in five-star hotels. They are groomed by make-up artists and stylists. They are represented by publicists. In short, they are phonies, hollow celebrities, like the aristocrats of old. 

Yes, dividing and conquering the masses is relatively easy. It is certainly easier than saying "No." to one or several of your wealthy political peers, upon whom you may have to rely to maintain your luxurious lifestyle at some future date. Ask Bernie Sanders. He certainly found that out in the recent U.S. Presidential election. The two most divisive candidates of the large initial field of competitors became  the equally disgusting choices for the American electorate. Divide and conquer.

Nationalism is labeled "bad". Globalism is labeled "good". Yet, nobody in the elite ruling class is talking about what will actually work for the greater number of human beings. Nationalism is equated wrongly with racism and xenophobia. Globalism is equated wrongly with trade and correctly with leveling the global quality of life to the lowest common denominator. Cooperation, real cooperation instead of competition/conflict, between nations on a global level is never given serious thought. The United Nations has become a useless private club for the political elite, like the E.U. government in Brussels, like the U.S. government in D.C.. 

Journalism has generally been transformed by capitalism into propaganda-for-sale. Whether you consume the processed 'news' of Symone Sanders or Alex Jones, you are consuming the journalistic equivalent of junk food. The worldwide acceptance of crony capitalism as a given is largely due to the buying off of objective journalists, who have chosen celebrity and high incomes over a duty to inform without bias. Like American doctors, who have chosen to prescribe, rather than heal, for greater incomes, journalists have chosen to be part of the surviving elite over the threatened masses. 

You see, those with education and ongoing investigation for current information based in observable reality see the train wreck of crony capitalism in a deteriorating world ecosystem on the horizon. Whether or not they acknowledge it verbally or even consciously, they realize that environmental disaster approaches. A worldwide collapse of insect pollinators, for example.  A tipping point in the pH and toxicity of the oceans. A coastal earthquake in this time of sea level rise. An uncontrollable human virus in an overcrowded population which causes mass insanity (encephalopathy), akin to a zombie apocalypse movie. Any of these is possible at present. 

I suggest that anyone reading this should skeptically assess where he/she stands in the potential eventuality of a worldwide collapse or threat. Do you consider yourself vulnerable or invulnerable? If there is no government to help you, what could you do to survive? For most of us, the answer is simply "Nothing.". This is the real danger of alienation, propagated by our government officials. This is the real danger of simply going along with a chosen partisan mindset while the real dangers to the quality of your life go unaddressed. Yes, human rights matter. But all our lives are in jeopardy when we cannot see the forest for the trees. 

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