Monday, January 9, 2017


Last evening's love fest in Los Angeles, The Golden Globe Awards, exemplified the vacuous and hypocritical nature of the award culture in the U.S.. These awards are foreign-press-in-Hollywood awards. In other words, they are awards bestowed by a corrupt press mafia who are deeply indebted to those who host junkets and give out preview tickets. These scions of media and the arts can hardly be seen as objective journalists by any measure. So, what do their awards mean?

In general, award galas are all held by and for mafias. In-groups award the most in, or those with the most clout within the mafia in question at that moment. This is a fleeting glimpse of a constant competition for who is at the top of that particular pyramid, or who is on the ascent to the top. But those pyramids have slippery slopes. Today's award recipient often becomes tomorrow's flunky. 

This clear light on award ceremonies makes the pompous denouncements against Donald Trump at last night's Golden Globes particularly offensive. It was rock-tossing between glass houses: Globalist Hollywood vs. Trump Tower. 

I am sure that Meryl Streep and Hugh Laurie felt superior in their homilies aimed at Trump. They took no risk in making them in front of foreign lackeys of their business. They also, I am sure, did not take into account the many Trump supporters who have feathered their beds. They were voicing the discontent of their own pyramid, which depends on the type of government-funded projects which Clinton would have prefer over Trump.

It is important to understand that Hollywood has learned to profit from the funding of film by foreign governments around the world. Governments use their production funding to facilitate their political and social engineering. China and E.U. are avid supporters of film. If you watch their sponsored productions skeptically, the subtle propaganda flow is always there in the art. Hillary Clinton would have been more likely to import this methodology for force-feeding her globalist agenda to the American public.

And what was the big winner in last evening's ceremony? La La Land, an homage to Hollywood itself. Hollywood, a land of legendary false promise where the pretty go to be stars and end up selling their asses on street corners.  

Show biz awards are not the exclusive examples of award hokum. Award ceremonies from local Rotary Clubs to The Olympics are tainted by the human capacity to corrupt any ideal with greed and egoism. Awards are used to curry favor, further careers and raise money. They are not pure acknowledgments of dedication, accomplishment, or humanity. They are far from objective measures of a person's worth to society or to the people in their lives. They are testaments to political skill, manipulation of media, seeding exploitable relationships, and securing fame/fortune which can be shone subsequently upon those who bestow the awards. Awards are sometimes investments and even payoffs. 

The greatest award of Roman Catholicism is sainthood. U.S. Presidents can be awarded by having their face on a mountainside or getting the biggest memorial library or a Nobel Peace Prize. A statue in a square satisfied earlier political figures. The reality behind all these awards is complicated and bears no glistening shine or halo when examined up close. The most sustaining human award is understanding oneself and living truthfully in the light of that understanding. Perhaps Meryl Streep possesses that award as well. However, in my experience, those who live truthfully in the light of self-knowledge are less likely to make overly sanctimonious speeches about the personal eccentricities of others, simply because they disagree with their politics. 

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  1. The greatest achievement of the Golden Globe Awards may have been that it made the Queen's Honors List look considerably less fatuous than usual.