Sunday, January 22, 2017


Why is it that people who perceive themselves as oppressed by some generalized oppressor choose to act this out in ways to insure they will not be taken seriously by thinking human beings? 

In Gay Liberation of the early 1970's, many of us fought hard to present ourselves as anything other than the contemporary stereotypes of homosexual men and women. The media would have had our fellow men in dresses and our lesbian sisters in construction gear. And there was a minority in our ranks who would readily oblige, but we tried to take the focus off them. We started speakers' bureaus, and we went out like missionaries to the heterosexual hinterlands. I think it is fair to say that the exposure of heterosexuals to everyday gay men and lesbians,  the "out factor", was the foundation of today's expanding wave of rights for homosexuals. I personally wish today's homosexuals were more worthy of our efforts. 

Protesters of various causes today have seemingly taken to the opposite tactic. They have played to the cameras with the most ludicrous and thoughtless clownishness. Protests, with the exception of the occasional riot and looting, look like elementary-school pageants.The Women's March in Washington, D.C. on January 21, 2017 was a stunning example.

My heart goes out to the intelligent women in society who have quietly liberated themselves from what they may have been conditioned to be as women by parents or communities who are steeped in ignorance, fueled by mindless conformity, religion and/or socio-economic deprivation.  I have known several truly liberated women. Their path is not easy or lined by cheering male or female supporters. They, like the Black, Asian and gay men I have known with similar personal liberation, do not seek approval or applause in parades. They have hunkered down and dealt with their own demons. They have rolled up their sleeves to change their lives rather than sitting around in pity-parties waiting for "the oppressor" to stop pushing them down.

A simple fact of life is this: Growing up and taking care of your own needs in life is hard. 

Walking down the street in a pink giant-Muppet vagina while decrying rape culture is simply infantile and frankly insane. It is even more infantile than walking down the street dressed as a prostitute and daring men to touch you. This latter approach displays some semblance of adult, albeit sado-masochistic, sexuality at least. Yet waving a red flag in front of a bull will still get you gored faster than simply avoiding the bull in the first place. 

A wise friend suggested that these women have a simple solution in front of them. They should all become intentional lesbians. What better way to avoid male oppression? My solution is more pragmatic, since I am of the belief that sexual preference is largely involuntary. I see the solution as self-sterilization. Women who may enjoy sex with men without the liability of procreation can live the life of their gay male brethren, with whom they seem quite happy in neo-feminist circles. Women without children and with education easily exceed any wage-gap limitations in the workplace. Problem solved.

The pink giant-Muppet vagina of marches is perhaps displaying the uncertainty of women about what to do with this organ. Is it a shield? After all, women throughout the ages have reveled in the fair-sex defense whenever the going has gotten rough. Is it a vulnerability? Some women seem to experience their own organ as an unlockable door, an indefensible gate. Yet neo-feminists seem to endlessly call attention to this portal with the cautionary yell, "This pussy grabs back." Why not just cover it up and carry a weapon or take martial arts classes? Is it a large navel? Some women seem obsessed with their vaginas in the way that some men are obsessed with their cocks or, in the case of gay men, anuses. There are volumes of psychological and psychiatric texts on this, if any neo-feminist wishes to read some. However, such learning may trigger a disturbing awareness that the oppressor lies within. 

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