Sunday, January 29, 2017


The aftermath of the past presidential election in the USA has enlightened me on the state of American Liberalism and, by contrast, American Conservatism. American Liberals have morphed considerably over the last 50 years in which I have followed politics. Conservatives, however, have returned to a more traditional Republican stance on many issues. 

First and foremost, American Liberals are completely OK with violent American exceptionalism, a doctrine which was once solely Conservative. The Democrats nominated a female presidential candidate who was an unabashed militarist in favor of foreign invasion and regime change. As Secretary of State, this candidate referred to Henry Kissinger, widely considered as a participant in civilian massacres abroad, as a role model and friend. This candidate's husband, when president, deployed troops to Africa and Eastern Europe without Congressional declarations. Both interventions had questionable consequences on the ground. Liberals enthusiastically supported Obama who continued to refuse the USA's participation in the International Criminal Court, which is the only global body which prosecutes war crimes effectively. 

Liberals, especially powerful female Liberals with the notable exception of Elizabeth Warren, have supported The Federal Reserve and IMF after the financial crisis of 2008, through their unquestioning support of Obama's administration. They have become bourgeois participants in crony capitalism along with Conservatives. They have supported massive privatization of public retirement funds and public utilities. They have supported the transformation of labor unions, which once had massive popular memberships, into elitist mafias with outlandish lobbying power over local elections. Liberals have supported the mall-ing of America by participating in the stock markets which support monopolies and global homogeneity. While touting multiculturalism, American Liberals support the Americanization of the planet through military and financial aggression.

Liberals have become shameless exploiters of radical feminists, undocumented immigrants and Black anarchists. These are the storm troopers of modern Liberals. George Soros, the major Liberal donor and icon, pays radical, and often violent, protesters to disrupt society through his Open Society Institute. By bribing universities with money he obtained through the violent destabilization of poor nations, Soros has fostered a dysfunctional indoctrination of college students in the USA. It is a form of social engineering which is meant to destabilize our nation. Not for evolution and peace, but for violence and discord, the tools Soros admittedly uses to amass his fortune. 

Liberals jump to defend any religion. Perhaps this is because the Liberal fans of academia and finance cannot imagine that anyone who declares their religion actually practices its dogma or precepts. How else could Liberals, who avidly declare themselves as pro-LGBT, defend Islam, Orthodox Judaism or Roman/Eastern Catholicism? I believe it is easy. Today's Liberals judge all others by their own standard of hypocrisy. When confronted with images of gay men thrown off buildings by Islamic enthusiasts to cheering Muslim crowds, perhaps they think, "They don't really mean it." Or perhaps they simply don't think. The stoner anthem "it can't happen here" comes to mind. 

Liberals have become poisoned by their own hypocrisy. The howling at and personal demonizing of those with whom they disagree since the election of Donald Trump has been a staggering revelation of the fascism in their ranks. They have become the thought police, the type of fascists whom former Liberals despised. The one-time adversarial Liberal press, rolled over for President Obama for eight years. They became the voice of presidential indoctrination. They have become so twisted by their betrayal of their own mandate to be objective that they have no idea what they stand for. All they stand for is anti-Trump, no matter what that is from day to day. If Trump stood on a corner and handed out free ice cream to children, the Liberal press would scream that he is a pedophile. 

Liberals have sold their souls to a media establishment which has become corrupted by sly and cynical billionaires with a globalist agenda. They are the Davos crowd. They have absolutely no loyalty to anyone. They are individualists and social Darwinists. Their voiced support of refugees and migration in Europe is part of their alliance with the Middle Eastern powers of OPEC. It is not charitable. It is business. Yet American Liberals are fine with that, as long as they can point to it from a position of fake Judeo-Christian moral superiority. 

The simple fact is that the most vocal American Liberals are part of the economic elite, just like their Conservative foes. Each group is grappling for the same unattainable moral high ground on every issue. The fact of their general economic superiority and comfort precludes their ever attaining any real morality based in any fair standard of human ethics. Their social outrage is defensive and phony. Their true outrage is provoked when they cannot borrow more money on their equity to spend a month in Tuscany. Their true disappointment is based in the poor handling of their BMW SUV. Their deepest emotional bonds revolve around text messages on a smart phone. Their deepest fear is someone blocking them or, even worse, calling them out on Facebook or Twitter. 

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