Thursday, February 23, 2017


News comes from the elite of the Democratic Party. A raging battle rages over the corpse of the party's once laudable mission. Special interests have replaced the party's concern for Average Joe and Jane in the U.S.A..

The blatant corruption of Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz in the last election when they colluded to torpedo Bernie Sanders speaks volumes about the Democratic Party elite. The putting up of a militaristic hawk for POTUS who took millions from the global sponsor of Islamic terrorism totally eroded any posture of moral superiority in the DNC. Given that corruption of our national electoral process by the Saudi Arabians, not the Russians, is there any question why Keith Ellison, one of two Muslims in Congress, is in the top tier of candidates to lead that party going forward?

The Democrats are the party of the Regressive Left, the nanny brigade, the welfare-state lovers, who wish to collect from it but not pay into it by actually working for a living. "Sure!" they yell, "Bring in everyone who shows up at a border or an airport! How dare you vet people? How dare you enforce the law on our streets? How dare you practice skeptical judgment on anything?" These welfare enthusiasts are not limited to housing projects. They thrive on Wall Street as well. The Democrats became the party of white-collar welfare in the last eight years of a Democratic administration.

The specter of the Bilderberg globalists, personified by George Soros, hangs over the Democrats in the opened eyes of the working class and dying middle class. The obsession of Democrats with sanctuary cities, pro-Islamic rhetoric, undermining the rule of law by promoting every narcissistic cry of victimhood, currying favor with Hollywood, and demonizing anyone who stands up for more traditional American values, like free speech, has killed its appeal with American workers, the people who get up every morning and get on with it. Yes, those people are the taxpayers who feel ripped off and condescended to by the federal, state and local governments they pay for. 

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