Saturday, February 25, 2017


An example of  an hysterical idealist when faced with rationality.

I say this repeatedly, but some people seem to miss it every time. I did not vote for Donald Trump. And, I resent being blamed for Hillary Clinton's defeat by her bourgeois harpies because I voted for the other female candidate and her African-American running mate. Stick that in your Liberal pipe and smoke it. Talk about hysteria! Many wailing Liberals probably didn't even realize that another woman and an African-American on The Left were running in the presidential race. They were so obsessed with winning that they (oops) forgot about their much touted principles: Things like peace, environmentalism, freedom of speech. 

YouTube hosts a huge confederacy of dunces, mixed in with some amazingly intelligent people. If you wish to see a full spectrum of human mental function and dysfunction, browse around. Don't just go with the algorithm-generated recommendations. That algorithmic indoctrination  is contributing to the mass insanity around politics in this country right now. If you follow the algorithms, you can be wound up in a cocoon of one-sided propaganda on any issue that you wish to explore. Unless you regularly buck against the algorithms with a manual search occasionally, your mind can get really twisted. You'll end up acting and thinking like PewDiePie. Heavens forfend! One of him is more than enough. 

Back to the Trump hysteria. CNN and the New York Times have had their feelings hurt. Boo hoo. I get it. It isn't enough that they are adulated by the Liberal elite. Bill Maher has a new punching bag. After George W. Bush, his previous mockery gold mine, Bill had to tone it down for eight years, despite his previous incarnation in a show called Politically Incorrect. I can understand his over-the-top riffing on The Donald. I understand the outrage of middle-class and middle-aged coastal women who are especially traumatized. Not only did they experience rejection of pant-suited Hillary vicariously, but they were confronted with the simple fact that they are a dying breed, in part due to the policies of the Democrats and their seduction by centrist economics. I get that too.

What I don't get is the absolute bat-shit-crazy rhetoric among some allegedly educated young Americans. If I hear comparisons between Trump and Hitler for eight years, I may start to throw things. This is so absurd that it qualifies at this point in time as paranoia. Like it or not, Donald Trump is a constitutionally valid president who is participating in a constitutionally valid government of a constitutional republic. If he stops being that, the constitutionally valid impeachment process will kick in. Believe me, I lived through the election of 2000. The lesson I learned is simple: Constitutional republics are not always just, peaceful or responsive to all the electorate. I myself would prefer a technologically enhanced social democracy. Think of Estonia as trying to approach that ideal.

The current state of Liberal hysteria is like scratching a mosquito bite. It simply makes it itch more and swell more. It does not alter the course of your body's absorption of the toxins. In fact, it may impede it. Meanwhile, it just makes it look worse than it is. Or it causes an infection of the self-inflicted scratches, which can turn into septicemia and kill you. Solution: Stop scratching, dab some vinegar on it and be patient. It will go away. Time heals all wounds and wounds all heels. 

I do not think the media are invested in helping. In fact, this hysteria is good business for them on two levels. They are owned by globalists (anti-nationalists) who will get richer than they already are off the ads they can sell on pages laced with venom and fear-mongering. And, the owners can also further their agenda of dissembling any trace of populist input into government so they can eventually rule through parliaments like the EU Parliament and the United Nations. These "parliaments" are actually luxurious clubs for oligarch-sponsored professional politicians. They are neither democratic nor egalitarian. Our own U.S. Congress is morphing into a similar body. The House of Representatives, once the bulwark against elitist rule, is rapidly being filled with career politicians who are getting rich and living large in their positions. 

Hysteria is useless. Those of you who are screaming madly have the same opportunity to engage with the electoral system as the smug Trumpets. Many of you, it seems, supported Bernie Sanders. My own prejudices make me most sympathetic to your outrage. After all, you were stabbed in the back by Hillary's trolls in the Democratic Party and also by Bernie himself who eventually rolled over and supported Hillary. But you were all more the fools for believing that Sanders, a career politician, would do anything else. Look at what Elizabeth Warren is turning into. 

If you are young and energetic, the cure for your hysteria is simple. Get off your butt, put your phone down and get to a headquarters of a politician in your federal representation district whose principles seem palatable to you. Do not buy a black outfit and waste your energy studying methods for flushing tear gas or pepper spray from your eyes. Antifa may seem cool or chic, but it will not effect the change you desire. It will simply keep the counterproductive cycle revving up. If you like to march and draw things on placards, do so peacefully and openly with your head held high. Nothing wrong with that. And, you may find that you are less hysterical and more motivated to do something constructive instead of just getting more hysterical or straining your voice to no avail. 

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