Thursday, March 30, 2017


The current victim culture in the developed world is perhaps the least effective way of gaining progress with the issues of those who utilize it to shame or embarrass others to cede to their demands. Whiners are not activists. They are whiners. Whining is passive complaining. The emotional immaturity in current victim movements is stunning. Individual whining flips into mob outrage unpredictably. This is the behavior of children, not adults. The lack of sane leadership in these victim-oriented groups should inform the more intelligent to go elsewhere to contribute to society. 

I believe the current wave of anti-Trump outrage is fueled by a victim mentality among some groups in mass media and on campuses. Adjusting effectively to the Constitutional reality that Trump is POTUS requires some gumption. Living in the challenging world of conservatively led government requires smarts and mature resolve. I know. I lived through the Reagan administration while the AIDS epidemic blossomed around me. I worked with the mentally ill throughout the Reagan administration as it dismantled public (free) psychiatric centers (with long term residents) in favor of private prisons, soup kitchens and shelters. 

Casting any group in society as universally victimized is not a way to help that group ascend into public recognition and respect. The disabled and mentally ill are often pointed to as victims in the same breath as minorities and the economically disadvantaged. This is the height of hypocrisy in a wealthy country which has withdrawn free and accessible medical care for the disabled and mentally ill, who deserve both acceptance and accommodation because they are in need of them. They are indeed the victims of life's precariousness and heartless public abandonment in the USA.

Systematically disadvantaged minorities who are healthy, however, should not be simply accepted or accommodated like disabled people. They should be aided in their ability to achieve equality and prosperity. Achievement, not whining, yields respect and cooperation. Respect and cooperation outweigh acceptance and accommodation, because respect and cooperation form a solid foundation for propagating advancement. Unearned acceptance is tokenism. Those who are accommodated without skill or incentive eventually fail. Their failure simply enforces negative stereotypes of their perceived group identities.
What do I mean by achievement? I simply mean hard work at any socially worthwhile endeavor within the law. Achievement can mean keeping up a subsidized rental property while contributing time and effort to improving your community if you are poor. Achievement can be raising your children to be well-mannered, well-groomed and literate. Achievement can mean being a happy, unmarried and childless woman. Achievement can be growing up in a rough neighborhood and still managing to get an education which can lead to honest employment. Achievement can mean staying away from the drug culture by getting involved in an alternative culture in the same neighborhood. Achievement can mean adopting institutionalized children. Achievement can mean acknowledging a fundamental personal difference, learning self-respect and devising functional ways to exist in the world. Achievement might mean not having children to avoid passing on identified genetic illness. These achievements are not out of the reach of any healthy person who chooses to pursue them. 

We have had two generations of emotionally overindulged children in the USA. Many have been raised on an addictive form of acceptance and accommodation. They have been taught to believe that losers are winners. They have been told that they have an innate wisdom, despite their actual competence. They have not been taught that "No." means "No.". They have not been taught respectful regard for legitimate authority and mature wisdom. They have been subsidized and sometimes enabled in dysfunction by helicopter parents.

Is it any wonder that they readily identify with law-breakers over law-enforcers? Is it any wonder that they have no skeptical judgment of social behaviors in themselves or others? Is it any wonder that they see acceptance and accommodation despite their own disrespectful behaviors as their unquestionable right?  And is it any wonder that whining, mixed with gang tantrums, comes so readily to them when that acceptance or accommodation is denied by rational human beings?  

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