Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The U.S. Congress dithers in public over Russophobia. It's a safer gambit than holding public meetings on what people would like from government's intervention in health care. I laughed quietly yesterday when I came across a biography of Senator Joseph McCarthy in the stacks of a public library. It was just a few shelves away from Mao's biographies. I mused that they were both better summarized in print than in the flesh.

All this nonsense about spying is simply public theater. It is so old. It's older than Mata Hari. It is a ploy of governing elites to maintain the illusion of public choice of political systems. There are corporate equivalents in this age of corporate domination. Apple vs Windows. Android vs Apple. 

I hold the dubious distinction of being old enough to have been subjected to sheltering drills during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Despite Nikita Khrushchev's unseemly resemblance to my maternal grandmother, who had the most nuclear temper in my little world, I doubted the sincerity of the whole business. This was confirmed by my father when he was enlisted from our local police department to become Civil Defense Director for our city of 40,000 inhabitants. He was disgusted by the corruption he witnessed from inside that government propaganda program (not unlike today's Department of Homeland Security). So disgusted that he fended off several future solicitations to run for public office. He quickly returned to police work. 

If you doubt that the current posturing of anti-Russian politicians is simply a distraction from the dismantling of health entitlements and the obvious alienation of the common citizen from the Democratic Party, I encourage you to consider that Russia is perhaps the single most powerful developed country (in military and natural resource terms) which has not submitted to the globalist ideals of the Bilderberg mafia which attempts to rule through Brussels and the United Nations currently. The 2016 Presidential election has shaken its grip in the U.S. just when they had Canada and Mexico wrapped up as part of creating a North American Union, similar to the E.U.. Obama was their man. Trump is not. He is calling them out. And out they come. 

And they are coming out swinging. Pseudo-Democrats, like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, are livid. You can see their outraged confusion whenever they speak against the Trump presidency. Hillary Clinton was the Bilderberg candidate, groomed and chosen decades ago to succeed her husband eventually. The George Bushes were in their pocket as well. This thirty-year project, furthered by Cheney and Greenspan starting in the Reagan administration, had suddenly met popular resistance by the masses, the "deplorables" in Clinton's own words. The banner slogans of "Islamophobia", "Xenophobia" and "Racism" had not scared them off. Like the Brits who voted for Brexit, these victims of globalist manipulation by co-opted banks and politicians have stood up straight and said a resounding "No!". The look on Merkel's face during her recent state visit to Washington reflected the weariness and disgruntlement of the frustrated global elite. 

The death of David Rockefeller, one of the Bilderberg founders along with the Rothschilds and the Dutch royals, has most likely shaken the security of the globalists' agenda to expropriate the wealth of Northern Europe and the United States even further. Trump's 'Make America Great Again' strikes at the globalist sell-off of major American infrastructure projects and utilities to foreign-owned entities. 

Here in Boston, for example, our commuter rail system, a publicly constructed and subsidized transit system, is now operated by a French corporation. Other projects like the Trans-Texas Corridor, a Spanish-corporate scheme to possibly use American interstates, built by U.S. taxpayers, to collect tolls to fund political unification of North America, was defeated by the Texas legislature in 2011 after mass protests against it. Despite corporate and nationally funded media's attempts to dismiss any public awareness of globalist schemes as conspiracy theories, a significant percentage of the U.S. and British population have risen against those schemes through democratic means. 

Tapping fear of Russia is just silly. It displays the narcissism of Washington. It also reveals its shameless contempt for the U.S. population, which it has overtly deprived of decent public education and decent public health care for decades in an attempt to subjugate and plunder.  The lack of any straight answers from FBI and CIA officials makes the whole shadow play even more ridiculous. Putin must be having a good laugh. He couldn't have done more damage to Washington's credibility than what they are accomplishing themselves by trying to make him the super villain in their lame comic-book drama. 

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